Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mess... the final frontier... to boldly go where no blogger has gone before!

My sis is cleaning her house for my (and my brother's) visit... just to show that I don't expect her house to be spotless in order for me to see it, I decided to show her my house in it's original format. There are no special effects or editing... and you even get a glimpse of me in form of rough copy- before the benefit of shower and makeup.

Also, you get a glimpse into the my version of the Wild Animal Kingdom, served with a dollop of sarcasm. ;)

So, put you TMI glasses on and buckle up, you are in for a bumpy ride. :)

I've seen "show me your purse" stuff floating around the blogosphere, so who dares to scare, share and bare their lair?


Karmyn R said...

One day Anna will HATE you for showing that. (hee hee - I love it).

You are very brave to show your house messy (although I don't think it looks that bad)

Marie said...

That is too funny and brave. While I will post pictures of my house on my blog...they are usually so totally staged...and if not you only get a small glimpse of the mess....thanks for sharing

crse said...

Oh my god am I completely smitten by your daughters. If I had video I would cheer you up in a heart beat sweetie. Toys are us seriously threw up in the back part of the house. Its just disturbing.

Judy Thomas said...

You know what? We really have to work with Anna on those shyness issues she has ;-)

And, you're right... Em's following right behind her.

I wouldn't DARE show my house.. you think YOU have computer crap, hon.. come down and see me some time! :-)

Have a great trip if I don't get the chance to talk to you before you leave.

kailani said...

I don't feel so bad anymore. Just kidding. Your house didn't look that bad!

Pamela said...

uh.. how about some sugar ???

Anna, Anna bo Banna
Bonana fanna fo Fanna
Mee My mo Manna,

Dorky Dad said...

Yup. Anna is definitely one of my favorite people.

You know, if we didn't have people over our house would NEVER get clean ...

Maggie said...

Wow. It's like Uncut and RAW. I love it. Inspires me. Maybe maybe I might go home have a few drinks and do the same thing.

Anna seems so happy :) they both do

Karen Lynch-Live the Power said...

Oooh, but you are brave! We laughed here at my house because it it was so much like our house--complete with personalities--a "drama queen" oldest daughter and a quieter younger daughter (we are blessed with 3 daughters altogether though!)
I'm not brave enough to show my mess though!
Kudos to you!!

Holly Schwendiman said...

I love that Anna asked if you were putting that on your blog....that's priceless! It wouldn't be fair for me to do my home this morning because I just finished a mammoth cleaning job for a very special house guest this weekend! We should make up a song about computer crap...I think most of us can relate extremly well to that!


Heather said...

Heehee! Cute kids!

Thanks for sharing your house. So honest and real! Really doesn't look that bad, but good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't have a magazine house. How do those magazine people live with absolutely no stuff except fancy furniture?

Anonymous said...

Almost somewhat clean! Kind of like my living space! Kind of how I almost sort of cook.

Thank you for sharing. I loved the dancing and foot-in-food part. ;)

Jane said...

What is it with cuppies? I swear I have to put aside a large portion of my day to search out and conquer children's cups in my house. I bet your house really turns out for guests and for the day to day looks completely loved in and a safe place for your two live wires to have fun and grow.

wolfbaby said...

brave woman who makes me fell so much better for my own mess;)

ok the spazzy older daughter that ismine to the t

and the shy younger daughter till you turn away then starts making noise also mine to a T

cute kids;)

Daddy Forever said...

That is messy, but looks just like our house when the kids throw their toys and clothes everywhere. Your kids are cute and Anna isn't running away from the camera anymore.