Thursday, August 16, 2007

Six degress of bacon

Err, I meant to say Kevin Bacon. Man I could go for a BLT right now. :)

Flaky and preoccupied as I am lately with my trip just in reach, I started thinking last night about my trip to Reno. Reno is just a plane hop away from Vegas... and the last time I was in Vegas I saw Drew Carey waiting for a limo outside the MGM Grand.

Like the complete and utter dork that I am, I just stood there with my jaw open looking like a total mouth breather. At that time, the Drew Carey Show was one of the big shows on TV and I just stood there missing my big opportunity to tell him how much I loved his show and how funny he is. But no, it didn't occur to me to even speak to him until I noticed the gleam of limo tail lights shining off of my nervously glistening nose and cheeks.

This may seem like a series of unfortunate tangents, but I assure you that I DO have a point.

I was thinking that while I am gone for the 4 1/2 days, I don't want to leave my readers with nothing to ponder... so how's about we play the degrees game- only I am interested in seeing who can come up with the least amount of degrees to someone famous. The famous person can be from any arena (TV, Radio, movies, sports, authors, politics...etc), and there is no limit to the amount of degrees you can use.

OK, here is mine: Me>The MISU (my hubby)>The MISU's friend Chuck Laudner>Chuck's cousin Tim Laudner, retired baseball player (formerly of the Minnesota Twins, World Series 1988)

OK, that's my squirrelly idea, so have fun while I'm gone. I'm leaving at 3:45 pm today to catch a plane. Feel free to help yourself to the fridge, but please lock up when you leave. Oh, and don't let the cat out. ;)


Daddy Forever said...

Have fun! And there's no beer in your fridge.

ian said...

Mine's easy.

Me>Roger Ebert, whom I bumped into in a record store when he was in town to speak at a conference at the University of Colorado twenty years ago.

He probably doesn't remember me. ;)


Marie said...

Ok, here is daughter's bio-dad's brother (my ex bil) is an animator for Disney...worked on Lion King and a bunch of others I cannot remember right now....

Karmyn R said...

I can get to Kevin Bacon...

I went to school (both High school and college) with Drew Bledsoe (who was QB for Patriots and Dallas).

He played football against Matt Hasselbeck who is BIL to Elizabeth Hasselbeck who is on the View with Barbara Walters - who has interviewed Kevin Bacon.

OH and Ian - no, Ebert doesn't remember you now - he's dead.

kailani said...

Hope you have a wonderful reunion!

crse said...

Awww Ill miss you but i know you are going to have great stories. I could tell my degrees story but its too embarrrassing and it involves richard simmons. (No I didnt meet him)

Holly Schwendiman said...

I'm busting a gut reading some of the comments already! I hope you have a most fabulous time. I'm going to give mine some thought and see if I can come up with any as funny and witty as what's already been shared.


~Virginia~ said...

Have a great time--I know you will! Jason and I have been to Vegas 4 times and never seen anyone famous! Unless, we paid to do so (at a show).

Hmm, degrees: My friend Michelle is married to David who was behind Scott Patterson in an airport security line (he played Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls). I hyperventilated just listening to the story! :)

Dorky Dad said...

You're 4.5 degrees from Tim Laudner? Awesome. The Twins team that won the 87 series is the all-time favorite sports team in Minnesota hands down -- people still go gaga over them, even 20 years later.

Judy Thomas said...

Good luck in the contest and have a WONDERFUL time with your sister and brother! I'll miss you.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

HAVE A BLAST on your trip!

My mom was on the Bozo show as a kid once...hehe!

Actually, I was cheek to cheek with Ann Curry of the Today Show when we went on Senior Class Trip, she hugged my friend and I and the three of us were cheek to cheek for a photo, I should try to find that picture! hehe!

wolfbaby said...

have a great time on your trip!!

tiggerprr said...

I hope you have a great trip! :)

I can get to several celebrities in 2 steps. A friend of mine from college is a stuntman/fight coordinator in Hollywood. So it goes like this:

Me>Dave> to Jennifer Garner (He was fight coord on Alias), The Rock (stunt coord on Walking Tall, the list goes on and on... :) I'm so proud of him doing something fun that he loves. He says Jennifer Garner is every bit as nice as she seems and that Violet was just the cutest baby. But Dave, never has a bad thing to say about anyone, ever. He's a good egg.

Jenster said...

Have a great time!

Fun game. I can name quite a few in one step:

Me>Dom Deluise - Saw him at a screening of A Sure Thing in Westwood, CA. He was big and sweaty.

Me>Barbara Eden - Saw her eating at an outdoor cafe in Westwood.

Me>Byron Brown - my MIL nearly ran him over with a grocery cart in a store in Palm Springs.

Me>Chuck Norris - Before he made the move to Texas his production company was the office next to the law office I worked at. I saw him all the time. He is very small. He has (or had) a HUGE door of a body guard/chauffer.

Me>Howie Long - He lived next door to my best friends boyfriend and we hung out in a jacuzzi together.

And I'm two steps away from way too many to mention, but I'll give you a few ideas:

Me>Hubby>Rodney Dangerfield - Hubby was an extra in Back to School.

Me>Friend mentioned above>Rod Stewart - she worked for a touring company, pulled up a flight roster from Sydney to LA and saw Rod Stewart - singer - on it. So she and her mom drove to LAX in the middle of the night to get a picture with him. Still have it.

Me>Cousin>Lot's of people from the 70's. She was a stunt girl and was in most all of Burt Reynolds' movies, was Cheryl Ladd's stunt double in Charlie's Angels, lived on Peter Fonda's boat for a while, and the list goes on.

I always thought growing up in Southern California didn't mean much, but apparently it did!!