Friday, August 31, 2007

When spazz things happen to good people- OR- Third time's a charm

Anna started a new school year off in a new school due to rezoning, and though this school is only 2 years old and is very nice (WITH air conditioning, I might add) I had my doubts. You see, not to sound like a snob but this school is on "the wrong side of the tracks". This means a rougher 'hood and rougher kids. I was a bit worried that Anna might not know how to interact with kids that have to fend for themselves a lot, and I was worried that the tougher kids might take advantage of Anna's lack of "street smarts".

It's been a week and so far she loves it. She loves her teacher and the kids in her class, and come to find out that this school gets the best of the best as far as teachers in the district due to the need for teachers with the abilities to deal with the type of situations that might arise in this type of neighborhood.

Anna was already doing really well in kindergarten with her reading, and though I had some slight worries that she would forget what she had learned over the summer she surprised me by taking the initiative and reading on her own. I could hear her reading in her room, and we read after breakfast. :)

That being said, Anna is expected to bring home a new book everyday, and everyday she has to read this book three times and the people she reads to have to sign a slip each time she reads. She can bring the book back in when she is done with it, even if it's a few days later, but they are encouraging the kids to bring the book back the very next day.

Yesterday she read her book to me after school, then read to her dad after dinner. When I reminded her that she had to read the book a 3rd time, she sighed but dove right back into it.

Only this time, obviously bored with the book she decided to spice things up a bit by reading Biscuit Wins a Prize with a southern accent. Good Lord, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. When I say southern accent, think Foghorn Leghorn heavily laced with a shot each of Yosemite Sam, and Forrest Gump. Now add a dash of Christopher Walken.

These lines:

Oh, Biscuit! It's not time to roll over.

Woof, woof!

suddenly turned into this:

Ough, Beeass-kit.............................. Eet's nawt tahhm to rowel ovah!

Woaf, woaf!

When we were done howling, and Anna was done giggling, wiping back tears I said I wished I had gotten that on video. "Me too, mom! Then you could have put it on yer blawg!"

She's already a legend... in her own mind. ;)


Marci said...

OMG... I had to laugh at just the thought of her reading like that, but you know, anything to keep it interesting. :-) Think you might have a drama star in the makings.

Love ya

Maggie said...

LOL. That's funny. "Kids do the darnest things".

3 times is alot to read the same book in one evening. I would get bored too.

Ash said...

OhmahGAWD! too frickin funny!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, how hilarious!! Anna is such a character! I love it!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

You DEFINITELY need video of this!!

Be prepared to hear today's book in some weird way!! :)

Kelly - PTT said...

I LOVE YOUR KIDS! Constant entertainment, they are! You lucky mom, you!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh the entertainer you are raising my dear. I love the stories.


~Virginia~ said...

I love the new header and new look! You're so good with the bloggy type things! :) I had to pay someone to do my blog changes!

Gotta love the kid-time entertainment! :)

alisonwonderland said...

oh, Anna makes me smile! :o)

it does seems to me that three times of the same book is a bit much ... Anna's a sport to stick with that. i don't think my Sugar Bear (now 8yo) would have done it!

kailani said...

That is too funny! She is definitely a character!

Wow, three times for the same book? That's a lot!

Scribbit said...

She's a performer!

cardiogirl said...

That's so funny that SHE did the accent. I usually read in an English accent to my kids, but they haven't picked it up yet to do it on their own.

Good for Anna!

micpro said...

What a little character! It's so funny when kids think to do something silly like that all on their own. : )
Just found your blog today, and I'm looking forward to exploring - looks like you have some good stuff here!