Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh yeah? Anna and Emma-isms

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Like my new header? I made it yesterday, from scratch in Photoshop.... Squeeee! Can you tell I am ready for fall? Oh, back on topic. :)

Lately, Emma has taken to saying "Oh yeeeeeahhhhhh" when she puts her sunglasses on in the car, like she is feeling super fine and hecka cool. What a character. We have no idea where she got this from.

Also, when Anna feels as though we are teasing her- which lately involves us singing High School Musical 2, not so much because we are teasing... you can't help but utter and mimic the sounds you are being brainwashed with 2 times a week can you? Yes, John and I do tend to burst into song at inappropriate moments, much like a musical. ;)

Anywho, Anna has started saying to us at such times (almost always with a raised eyebrow, sometimes a crooked smile),"Don't make me..."- as in "Don't make me hurt you."

That she gets from me.

Emma has gotten a little more shy recently, and has taken to repeating this phrase when she too feels embarrassed by the actions of her parents:
Emma, I love you. :)

Don't make me.

Yesterday, Anna enjoyed a not so relaxing round of The Sims 2. The game has little rules and regulations such as only being able to place dishwashers under regular counters and not the bar height kind, or not being able to delete an object that a Sim is currently using or is about to use. Anna became quite frustrated with the counter situation, and asked me over to help. On a side note, we rarely play The Sims 2 together anymore because we usually fight about decorating the houses and what a Sim should look loike when creating a Sim.

So, yesterday I put my blog header making on pause and got up to help her. Betcha can't guess what happened next? Ah- yeeeah. Because she had a hard time trying to explain exactly what she needed and wanted, she became very frustrated. To the point of tears.

"Ya know, this is why we don't play anymore. Figure out what you want... then let me know. I'll be over here."

Anna starts doing what annoys me the most... regularly irregular and high pitched "Harrrumphing". Accompanied by arm crossing and glaring in my general direction, with the occasional eye or nose rub.

"It's not my fault you are having problems with the game, I didn't make the game and all of it's funny little rules... so don't get mad at me. It's not my fault."

1.34 seconds go by and she has this to say, "YES it IS your fault! You're the ONE who DECIDED to buy the GAME!"

I couldn't help but laugh, which didn't help the situation at all. "That's like saying that it's my fault that you are acting this way because I'm the one that made and gave birth to you."

No comment, she just gives me the raised eyebrow, through the part her in hair that hangs over her face.

She has a point.

Ack, we are so screwed. I told my sis while visiting that I believe that when the girls start puberty I'll be hiding Prozac in their mashed potatoes. Or mine.

(Or maybe in a balled up piece of cheese or bread?)

'Taters, anyone?


swamp witch said...

I love posts with the "words of kids."
They always make me smile.
My 2-year old's latest is, "I'm the dude" and "Oh, man."

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I love this post, your girls are so funny! And, I love the new header!! It was such a change when I clicked on your blog today expecting the black background and had an eye opening bright color instead, it's great!

slackermommy said...

I hear ya! Every thing is always my fault in my house. I'm buying stock in Prozac now. Love the new header. It's almost somewhat positive.

maggie said...

oh the joys of having girls. Just wait. I won't even tell you what I went through last night with my 12 year old. Lets just say

12 + hair + first day of school = Mom's Nightmare

Holly Schwendiman said...

Tee heee - - -love the new look/colors/header. ;) They sure are smart little whippersnappers aren't they?


Karianne said...

Hey Mert, I've been missing you! I wanted to email you and tell you that I've been having trouble loading your page, but you know how that goes. Love the new look, too.

Susie said...

I tell my almost 12 year old if I don't embarrass her, I am not doing my job.

Marci said...

OH SIS!!!!! What are you gonna do?? :-) Anna I think is going to be like my Katie. Too smart for her own good and you might as well know now, it's just going to get better ;-) "Don't make me"..... too cute. Katies expression at that age was "GIIRRLLLL" with hands on hips.
Too funny. I can not wait to see those two sweetie pies.

Love ya bunches.

Marci said...


Pamela said...

my 2 year old grandson learned this week that grandma's bark like dogs and chase him around the room. Apparently his other grndma is dignified.

And the five year was mad as hornets at everyone, and then crawled up into my lap and feel immediately asleep.

I don't get to experience these very often.

wolfbaby said...

ahh i guess im going to have to start reporting convos with me and cookie it does get quite interesting at times....

love the new look, like it better actually then the other one

Jenny Ryan said...

And this is why I'm a much better tutor than parent, and why all my children have fur and four legs.

This way I get to enjoy their sarcastic comments, laugh, and then send them back home. :P

Parents ROCK! And I am not worthy.

Heather said...

I really like the new layout!

It's always mom's fault isn't it? heehee.

Anna said...

The header's sweet! =) I've a sister who's in what I dub as the teen-age-angst-stage and, well, what do you know? You've just given me a great idea to deal with it: Hide Prozac in her mashed potatoes! *lol*