Monday, March 12, 2007

iPod, therefore I am

I saw this meme at the Virginia Monologues about a month ago... It's kind of like using your MP3 player as a Magic 8 Ball by putting the settings on shuffle, but I took out a couple of questions that didn't apply. :) What an eclectic mess my iPod is! I have been wanting to try it so here we go!

"What do you think of me, MP3 player?"
Top Of The World: Planet P Project

dawn comes and you're up
you drink a fast cup
don't keep them waiting
all systems are go
far down below
morning is breaking
and you're ready
you know the routine
you suit up and
you board your machine
as all over the world
eyes are glued
to the video screen
there's a hole in the clouds
when you look up tonight
a window that beckons you
toward the moonlight
the tower counts down
and the moment is right
you take a deep breath
but you're chest still goes tight

Sometimes I do feel as if I'm floating in "the black", all alone...

"Will I have a happy life?"
Train Wreck: Sarah McLachlan

Would your love in all its finery
tear at the darkness all around me
until I can feel again
until I can breathe again

Cause Im a train wreck waiting to happen
waiting for someone to come pick me up off the tracks
a wild fire born of frustration
born of the one love that gets me so high
Ive no fear at all

Would your eyes like midnight fireflies
light up the trenches where my heart lies
until I can see again
to find my way back again


To fall so deep into you
lose myself completely
in your sweet embrace
all my pains erased

From your mouth its all that I wish
the mercy of your lips just one kiss
until I can breathe again
so that I can sing again

Oh, iPod... you picked one of my favorites so I'll let this little insult pass. I always sing this to my husband when it comes on. He is my salvation. I love you, John.

"What do my friends really think of me?"
Can't Stop What I'm Hearing Within: Linkin Park

True, so true.

"Do people secretly lust after me?"
Alcohol: Bare Naked Ladies
Hmmm, so you're saying after a bit of Alcohol... they might. Interesting.

"How can I make myself happy?"
Love To Be Loved: Peter Gabriel

So, you know how people are
When it's all gone much too far
The way their minds are made
Still, there's something you should know
That I could not let show
That fear of letting go

And in this moment, I need to be needed
With this darkness all around me, I like to be liked
In this emptiness and fear, I want to be wanted
'Cause I love to be loved
I love to be loved [x2]
Yes, I love to be loved

I cry the way that babies cry
The way they can't deny
The way they feel
Words, they climb all over you
'Til they uncover you
From where you hide

And in this moment, I need to be needed
When my self-esteem is sinking, I like to be liked
In this emptiness and fear,
I want to be wanted
'Cause I love to be loved
I love to be loved [x2]
Oh I love to be loved

This old familiar craving
I've been here before, this way of behaving
Don't know who the hell I'm saving anymore
Let it pass let it go let it leave
From the deepest place I grieve
This time I believe

And I let go [x2]
I can let go of it
Though it takes all the strength in me
And all the world can see
I'm losing such a central part of me
I can let go of it
You know I mean it
You know that I mean it
I recognize how much I've lost
But I cannot face the cost
'Cause I love to be loved

Yes I love to be loved
I love to be loved

Wow iPod, you surprise me once again with your depth. I have a hard time allowing myself to be truly loved sometimes... and yet this song is so true.

"What should I do with my life?"
Certain_Trust : Delerium
Trust, huh? Seems like you are getting a kick out of "calling me out". Trust is over rated, but I try.

"Why must life be so full of pain?”
The First Cut Is The Deepest: Sheryl Crow

I would have given you all of my heart
But there's someone who's torn it apart
And he's taken just all that I have
But if you want I'll try to love again
Baby, I'll try to love again, but I know...

The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know
The first cut is the deepest
But when it comes to bein' lucky, he's cursed
When it comes to lovin' me, he's worst...

I still want you by my side
Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried
And I'm sure gonna give you a try
If you want I'll try to love again, (try)
Baby, I'll try to love again, but I know...
Another one of my fav's... and I always think of the hubs when I hear it.You showed me what love is, thank you so much, babes. Smoochies!

"Will I die happy?"
Mmm Mmm Mmm: Crash Test Dummies

Why are you mumbling , iPod? Or are you humming to drown out my silly questions? Come on, you've been shooting from the hip so far, why stop now?

"Can you give me some advice?"
All I wanna Do: Sheryl Crow
"... is have some fun..." OK, yeah. I get it. Could you be more vague?

"What do I think happiness is?"
Emotions: Mariah Carey
OK, now you're just starting to contradict yourself.

"What's my favorite fetish?"
Face The Music: Conjure One

...If you can face the future
It sets you free from the past
Turn around, turn around
You can move on, move on ...
Yet another deep and thoughtful answer. I can't see how that is a fetish... but OK...

"How will I be remembered?"
Weightless: Enigma

Weightless, my baby's asleep

Some things just disappear...

Weightless, my baby's asleep

Floating, dreaming

No danger - just sweet...
Sounds very sweet to me.wink


Virginia said...

Isn't it an interesting meme?! Glad you had fun with it, too! Happy Monday! :)

exskindiver said...

i love love love that sheryl crow song.

crse said...

wow if i had any remote clue about MP3 or IPODs id be so on this. I love this meme.

kailani said...

The "What are my friends thinking of me" is hilarious! LOL!

I'm not sure if my songs will make sense since most of them are contemporary hawaiian music.