Saturday, March 03, 2007

Deep Snow Day Thoughts, By Mert

This a little something I jotted down while the kids drove me nut-tacular yesterday, but alas I was to exhausted to post it!wink

Snow Day

Snow day
If my patience starts to fray
Theres always nap time come what may

A little double teaming
Quiet nap time is what I'm dreaming

Dear God
How odd
Just a peek of earth and sod
Would make me a happy clod

Bored one
Cake fun
Planned before the day is done
While mom dreams of warmth and sun

Oh dear
Moment of joy nap time's here
Moment of guilt so very near

Not quite
Good night
(Give poor mom her quiet respite)
Soon moments of pure delight
Giggles and smiles with every bite

Snow day
Sky gray
Not so bad turned out OK
Come again but not to stay

Not bad
Not sad
A little tired just a tad
Gloomy Snow Day you've been had

Cake fun!


alisonwonderland said...

what fun! :o)

Pamela said...

creative thou art!!!!
amusing and smart.
A dork you self-name
but 'poet' I proclaim!

kailani said...

What a great poem and a beautiful cake. I bet it was delicious!

Holly said...

Awww that's fun stuff. Thanks for sharing!


tiggerprr said...

I used to write a ton of poetry when I was younger (even published) but haven't done anything in years! Very creative! :) Love that cute cake..mmmm cake sounds yummy!

Karmyn said...

I want to have cake on a snow day too. That looked yummy. (It almost matches Anna's shirt)

Just Me said...

Very creative poem!

And looks like the cake decorating was lots of fun!

-- Just Me

Jill said...

Looks yummy! What a great way to shake the snow day blues!

Slackermommy said...

I love your poems! You are a great mommy!

Karianne said...

Pink and green has been my fave color combo for a couple of years now. Yummy.

I cannot believe how much she looks like you.

Robin said...

That was a good poem, MaryMert :) (I could FEEL what you were sayin' between the lines). I'm here for a post you wrote a while back, but I'm gonna catch up a while.