Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday- Organizing kids hair accessories

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Works For Me Wednesday- Organizing kids hair accessories:

If you have girls like I do, you may have about a gazillion hair accessories lying around. Having limited space in my 2 bedroom house, I have had to find spots to hide things in nooks and crannies. Once we moved Emma out of her crib and into her sister's room, we no longer had space for all of their things.

My solution? I separated hair like thinga-mabobs into separate Gladware containers, Emma and Anna each have their own separate containers for hair clips, barrettes and rubber bands . I managed to find this little over the door shoe organizer in the Dollar Section of Target. I kept one pocket for hair detangler and combs, and head bands have their own larger tote at the bottom of the closet... and there you have it! One handy dandy hair accessory depot.

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Holly said...

What a great share. I used bead boxes with all those little compartements and color code them. Crazy how those little things can take over your house...kind of like kids on a slow day...hee hee. Just know you're in great company. :D


kailani said...

I'm actually trying to comment on the WW post but I can't seem to find the link. I must be going blind!

Anyway, that sure is a mess she made! We have that same doll house, Parents musical set and tv tray! How long did it take you to clean all that up?

kailani said...

That hair caddy thing is a great idea. I'm always missing one side of a pair.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great idea!!

I use a couple of those to store my ribbon!!


A Maiden Of Virtue said...

Great idea! We use one for homeschooling flash cards. I never thought to get one for hair supplies!


Bone said...

Hey, I couldn't find the comment link on the post above, but I was just stopping by to say thanks for participating.

Great story! I loved the trekkie line and the bathroom line especially :)

Daddy Forever said...

My wife used a shoe organizer too for our daughter. But didn't think about using Glad containers. We're going to have to try that because we have a whole bunch of them...if only we could find the matching lids.