Friday, March 09, 2007

Might as well go camping!

No hot water. Not even warm! Our elderly water heater has finally gone and kicked the bucket. It's been slowly giving out on us like a balloon with a slow leak.On Wednesday I managed to squeeze in a quick shower and had about 5-6 minutes of warmish water. Yesterday, nada.

That's right folks, no shower for me yesterday! TMI, anyone? All I'm gonna say is *baby wipes*. I could have gone over to the MIL's apartment, but I didn't feel like dragging 2 kids (with lots bags of kid stuff) up a flight of stairs alone while John drove an hour to buy a 50 gallon water heater. Oh, we have a Home Depot here in town, but it was going to take 3 weeks to get in a 50 gallon'er that we could order. 3 weeks of trekking and schlepping the kids to wash myself... so not worth it. Driving an hour two ways, and me going without a shower for a day- worth it.

I'll get to wash up after John gets home from work, at the MIL's place, and hopefully John's uncle can help him install it tomorrow.

Today, I had to boil water to do the dishes. Yippee! And this morning I set up this for the girls...

Setting up tents and boiling water... Going a day with out a shower... Might as well go camping!

OK, I exaggerate... but still.wink Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.<span class=

Anna: I love it when you force me to smile mom. Nothing says "fun" like showing too much gum. Are we having "fun" yet?

Emma: I'm holding out for the big finish...

Anna: OK, fine... take your fancy pictures, but I refuse to give you a real smile. No teeth, not even a glimpse of gums.

Emma: Uhhh... I like cake. Cake is good.

Anna: This is the smile I give when my mom says funny words to make me smile. Like poop and snarkle farkle.

Emma: Heh-eh-eh-eh... Dude, you said poop.
What's a farkle?


Karmyn said...

No Hot Water - ack. (but don't tell anyone: I didn't take a shower today either and I have no excuse except for pure laziness).

I am impressed with the tent set-up - you even got clothespins out for the occasion!

Yoshi said...

Wow, there's no way I'd survive without hot water. Seriously. No showers for me. :P

Impressive fort you got there.

Pamela said...

the most fun I had as a kid was playing in a home-made tent with sheets and blankets.

Been thru the hot water heater blues this year too. E.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e

kailani said...

Wow, Girlie Girl would have loved to come over and play in that fort! Great job!

I don't know if I could survive without hot water! Yikes!

crse said...

Im not even going to tell you the last time i took a shower. I did the math today and alarmed myself. Your kids are sooo damned cute!

wolfbaby said...

aww the kiddies are adorable.. i need to get tents like that for my girls;)

the no hot water thing really sucks.. i so want to get one of those tankless water heaters but I bet they are so expensive!!

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

How. Cute. :-) My boys love to do that (camping, not the problem with the hot water). I am glad Nana Beachy lives less than a mile away...