Friday, March 16, 2007

Yesterday was kind of weird!

Hey now... there's a surprise, right? No. Not really. I think you all have come to expect weirdness from me and I like that.wink

My aunt reads my blog and comments occasionally under the name Anti Yvonne. She saw my post about what inspires me and my drawings, and she was excited that I felt inspired to start drawing again. My Anti is so sweet, she sent me $60 in the mail, in a very cute card. The problem is that the card was already opened, the envelope torn and the money gone. This isn't the first time this has happened. My BIL sent something to the MIL while she lived here, a collectors coin. That envelope was open and the coin was gone. Recently I have had miscellaneous mail open... since the envelopes looked like they had popped open and didn't appeared tampered with, I just thought that these companies were using crappy envelopes.

Now I am thinking otherwise. How awful, that you can't even trust your own post office. Anyway, I called the post office and I am going to go fill out a "riffling form" ASAP with all of the particulars. The postal worker I talked to asked if this had happened more than once and I said yes. I told him about the coin from my BIL. He said in that case, I needed to contact the police. Now, if I'm not mistaken, opening mail is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, and knowing that he was probably trying to stop some sort of "pooh storm" that I might start, he tried to blow me off. Fortunately, this man has not been blessed with opportunity to know me, otherwise he would have known that I don't give up that easily. I told him that the coin incident was from 2 years ago, and that I WILL be down there to fill these forms out ASAP.

I am wondering how far this could go, and my over active imagination suddenly pictured Gil Grissom (from CSI) dusting the inside of the card for finger prints... because if this postal worker is a complete idiot there should be 3 sets of prints. Mine, my Anti's and the idiot postal worker's. I know if I even suggest this, I will get laughed at. I know it seems like a lot of trouble to go through for 60 bucks, but my aunt worked hard for that 60 bucks and it seems logical. Right?

Anywho, my poor aunt is just feeling horrible about it. I told her not to feel bad, but I know how it feels to want to do something good for someone else, only to have some cretin pooh all over the intended goodness. What I loved though was that she bounced back by the end of the email, and said that she hoped and prayed that the person who stole the money choked on it. <span class=

My husband got his very expensive and surprisingly heavy new toy yesterday... all as a result of scrimping and shear will power. Ain't it purty?

Did you happen to check out the price tag on that bad boy? Yup, he has been saving for over 1 1/2 years... the poor guy almost had it earlier but we needed the money for bills. I commend his will power and natural born stubbornness at saving all that money. He really is my hero. Actually, it's for the both of us and I can't wait to get out there and start clicking!

Virginia of the Virginia Monologues did her very first Thursday Thirteen yesterday. I've gotta tell you folks... Her 13 was pretty darn good, not to mention HILARIOUS! If you have a chance, go check it out . I feel that she and I are kindred spirits, and hope that we become blogging buddies. Go, you'll see what I mean.

Anna went to her first dance last night, they had a Sock Hop at her school. Anna and I went and she had a really good time. The school hired a DJ, which I thought was really cool. They played songs from Grease and I tried not to sing along, so as to not embarrass the Mini-me. The DJ started to play Hand Jive and told kids to go at it. I snorted at the sight of 80 pairs of eyes staring blankly at the man in the booth.

"Eh, go ask your parents," he said when he realized what was going on. Again silence, as children and parents stared across the room at each other.

I tried to remember how to do the hand motions, drawing attention to myself. "Hey kids, go ask that lady, she looks like she knows what she's doing, "the DJ shouted, pointing in my direction. I quickly put my hands down.wink

Luckily another lady remembered all of the dance and showed some of the older kids. I didn't dance, though I tried to get Anna to do the twist with me. She put her hand up and said "BAAAAH!" when I asked her to dance with me.

AND so it begins.

She did look really cute though. Even if she is a stinker.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Anna looks SO cute in that outfit!! I love that, so sweet! And the Hand Jive? Come on, I can't believe the DJ would have thought kids would know what that is! haha

Stephanie said...

OMG, that is terrible! I hear about people that have their mail stolen but I have never had that problem! At least not that I know of. Hmmm... If one never sees that mail before some is stolen, how do you know something is missing???

Hehe, I can just see my Postal Carrier's face when I ask him for fingerprints and a DNA sample.

Karmyn said...

I'm surprised that someone would open the letter and take the money and then leave the letter behind...that is weird. Why not just take the whole thing? That way - you could just assume the letter got lost in the mail.

I've never had my mail tampered with (that I know of - because I am assuming that if anyone took my mail, I wouldn't know about it).

maggie said...

Wow! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! CUTE CUTE! My kids never had a dance or anything. What a cute idea. Maybe even for a fund raiser.

Good job for John being able to raise the money. I am an instant gratification person so I can never save. LOL. I need it and I needed it YESTERDAY!

John said...

Hi from another of the 2000 Bloggers... nice camera -- no way could I have waited like he did to buy it. Even so, I wouldn't have stooped to stealing money from the U.S. Mail.

crse said...

Oh my god that is hilarious about Anna Bahhing you when you tried to get her to dance. Man is that kid cute. If the Mail CSIs crack this case you have to let us know!

Daddy Forever said...

When I lived in an apartment, someone kept stealing my mail and using my credit card number. That was a fun experience. They eventually arrested the guy because he was stealing other people's mail too.

Nice camera. I want a digital SLR. We have a small digital camera. It's nice, but I miss my old non-digital SLR.

Your daughter has a nice smile. My daughter makes this obviously fake smile when we take pictures. It doesn't look right.

wolfbaby said...

That is so very horrible I hope they catch the dirty rotten jerk who did that!!! how wrong it sht I mean really... just wrong. I hope they do dust the card for finger prints!! just so they have all federal employees prints all of them in the would be real easy to find who did it.
Your little one is so cute!!

tiggerprr said...

A few things! :)

1) I hope they catch the dirty rat that opened and stole from your mail! :/

2) Whoa, nice camera! You need to start a Project 365 now! It'll help you learn to get the most from your camera (in a perfect world).

3) OK she is too cute for words in her little outfit and I would hate to be you when she's 17, if she's already "Bah!"-ing you. LOL

Uisce said...

you should send yourself some kind of device through the mail that will make a wicked loud noise. then when you hear it, ta-da, crime solved! :)

alisonwonderland said...

what a cutie Anna is! thanks for sharing the darling photos!

Robin said...

Grrrrr :( Cannot believe your mail was messed with; don't you feel violated? Whenever anyone takes ANYTHING, it's a violation. Smiling at your whole CSI scenario though...dusting for fingerprints on an envelope...ha!

Reading @ Anna makes ME wanna put on a poodle skirt and hop til I drop. She looks like a kid of the 50s, and adorable at that.

BTW....N I C E camera! My eyes almost popped outta my head on the price tag, talk @ sticker shock. Does he know how to work the bloomin' thing? Proud of him for exercising restraint in waiting for the that makes it so much better :).

Virginia said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! :) Your daughter looks adorable! I love pink and purple together--glad you guys had fun!

Your blogging buddy,
Virginia :)

JAM said...

That D200 is sha-weet. They have a metal frame like the "pro" cameras higher up the Nikon food chain. That's why it's heavy. It's a tought, pro-grade camera. The prices have actually come down several hundred dollars from when first released, which usually signals an impending replacement. I've yet to see a person who has one that was disappointed with it. Nikon hit it out of the ball park with the D200. I'm hoping to upgrade to it or its replacement, but I love my D70s so much, I'm not sure I want to upgrade anymore.