Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What is the world coming to?

The world is such a sad, horrible place... and it's not getting any better. What is the world coming to when a famous comedian can't even stand to live anymore? Richard Jeni died later from an apparent suicide attempt, after his GF called 911 and said that "my boyfriend shot himself in the face". The cynic in me can recall Phil Hartman's death, where his wife killed him then herself... so I will wait until the final report. I would be curious to see how the GF was reacting... I am not going to slander her, I'm just saying. Maybe it wasn't suicide. Still... so depressing.

I would have to say that Richard Jeni's Big Steaming Pile Of Me is one of the funniest things I've seen come out of HBO, and it had been a favorite of mine. If I saw it on, I watched.

Humor has always been a coping mechanism for me. Just ask my husband... I'm so messed up that often when I hurt myself I am either laughing or cry-laughing. To deflect pain of any sort I often resort to humor, my younger brother is the same way. We are so used to doing this that my brother can keep a joke/funny conversation going for a half hour- at which point we usually tell him to shut up because our stomachs hurt so bad. I can hardly keep up with that kid, he always has me in stitches... and when you get us together look out! The last time we got together , John and Ben's GF Tammy were in tears, though they kept up with the racket pretty well themselves.

Anyway, I think this is why I take it so hard when a comedian dies, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. When Chris Farley OD'd, I was devastated. When Phil Hartman was killed, the same. The irony of their lives and untimely deaths is too much.

On a lighter note, what is the world coming to when you can't leave a bag of "to be recycled for money" soda cans and bottles on your own front door step... without someone stealing them in the middle of the night? Oh well, they must need those nickels more than we do. The hilarious part? The 70 dollar stroller sitting right next to them went untouched. We know the thief either has no children, or already has a perfectly good folding stroller- but was in dire need of extra nickels, the nickels we planned on opening a savings account for Emma with . The rest remains a mystery.wink

****Not really, Yesterday afternoon I saw the guy ride by on his bike eyeballing the bag. I saw him get off his bike and walk towards my front door, and as I got up he saw me through our window and did an about face. The funny thing is I was going to the door to ask him if he wanted the bottles, but by the time I got to the door he was speeding away on his ten speed. I wish the guy would have just asked, instead of sneaking around and feeling guilty later. The upside is that I know that my stroller is safe. Well, at least for now.<span class=****

And last but not least, Brand Spanking New Water Heater...

Is that wrong?


Robin said...

Ummm, I ended with a smile, so no, it can't be wrong :D.

Karmyn said...

Obviously the thief has no sense of resale value.

and yes you can love your water heater (just don't let your washing machine know!)

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh, I remember when Phil Hartman died. That was so sad.

The teacher of the stand-up class that I'm taking is friends with Richard Jeni's comedy writing partner, and I think he might himself have known Jeni too. So it was kind of sad in class last night.

Holly said...

Congrats on the new water heater...bubble bath here you come! :D I too am saddened when those we associate with lightheartedness and humor pass away so opposite of that persona.


Daddy Forever said...

You know, that guy stealing pop cans will eventually steal other things. Around here, people have been stealing metal pipes and rails to feed their meth habit.

Judy said...

I hate it when people steal things. Almost as much as I hate people lying. We just had some chain saws stolen.... they were in a locked tool box on the back of our truck. Tore the tool box up getting them out. And, we think we know who did it, but of course we can't prove it. Grrrrr.

crse said...

Oh wow, this was insightful. I didnt realize that I took comedians' death so hard either! Im laughing at the recyclable because it reminds me of my brother trying to get me to take his old junk home then fifteen minutes later scorning the guy who curb picked it. (Im thinking fifty feet ago it could be a great lawn chair and now you cant believe someone took your trash?)