Saturday, March 31, 2007

Is that a fact?

*Emma's party was great! I post ASAP, and/or as soon as the Motrin kicks in. Getting old is for the birds.*

Thursday John informed me after coming home from work that he "was going to kick my @ss."

The guy really loves me, I tell ya!

Anyway, when I asked him WHY he would want to kick it, he said it was because he had forgotten to take the White N' Nerdy MP3 off of his flash drive. The flash drive I used to transfer the MP3 to my computer with. So, a coworker was retrieving a file from the flash drive and mentioned it. "What's this White N' Nerdy thing?" So, he played it for her... and it would seem that he had that song going through his head for the rest of his work day. *snicker*

Of course, I was howling, and somehow I managed to say-well, on the 3rd try - " I was just thinking about blogging about this, and I was going to write "I think I could take you.' " :D he got a good laugh out of that. I think I'm off the hook for burning that song into his subconscious, except now he is humming I Hope You Dance. *SNORT!*

Friday night, we dined and feasted at Quizno's. While chewing and enjoying my elegant dinner of Prime Rib (on a bun), Anna mentioned that she had 2 grandmas. One was nice and one was mean. I said that that was true and that I tried really hard not to be like my mother... and I wasn't perfect either.

"Every day is a new day, "Anna sighed, with an air of authority.

I laughed and asked who she had heard that from, fully expecting her to say she had heard it from me or John, or her Nana at the very least.

In a sing-song, yet matter of fact tone she said, "Chicken Little."

"That's pretty sage advice, coming from a cartoon, " John mused.

And from a 6 yr old, I would think. ;)


Pamela said...

I just got a sudden Mrs. Tweedy feeling


Karmyn R said...

Already wise beyond her years. I think I need to watch some more cartoons.

maggie said...

I've learned many of life's lessons from spongebob.

crse said...

I agree about life lessons from sponge bob! Norm's best piece of advice from his father so far has been "Whenever the cops show up, stop whatever you are doing." Words I hope my son needs in life.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Cartoons provide some excellent wisdom, I love it! And now you made me hungry for Quizno's Prime Rib, that, the tuna, or the french favorites! :) Mmm!

kailani said...

I love that song. They remind me of when Girlie Girl was an infant. I would cry every time I heard that song. Must have been the hormones! LOL!

Mert said...

Pamela, are you talking about Chicken run? I love that movie!

Karmyn, smart AND sassy beyond her years. ;)

Maggie, crse, Why am I not surprised about Sponge Bob? ROFL!

Michelle, Quizno's is a favorite for Anna and I... John is getting pretty tired of it. :D Emma is just glad to eat for the most part, and yells "EAT?" whenever we drive by a restaurant she knows.

Kailani, are you talking about "I hope you dance"? I am the same way... did you see the slide show? For DAYS, everytime i opened my blog and saw Emma's birthday post, i would start to cry. I'm such a sap.