Thursday, March 22, 2007

TT #24- Thirteen Favorite Artists

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Thirteen of my favorite artists:

1. Georgia O'Keefe (my all time favorite artist)

2. Alphonse Mucha

3. Jack Vettriano

4. Jan Vermeer

5. Warren Kimble

6. Gustav Klimt

7. Edgar Degas

8. Haruyo Morita

9. Pauline Eblé Campanelli (I actually have a print of this on my matle)

10. Claude Monet

11. M.C. Escher

12. Frida Kahlo

13. Wassily Kandinsky

And a bonus...

14. Andrew Wyeth


Anni said...

Many of the same faves that I have. I'm not familiar with Pauline Eblé Campanelli, but that was gorgeous!

I'm up too!

Ash said...

Klimt is one of my favorites too. I've been oogling a large print, the same one you put up in my local art store, it's an awesome print, and large but they want 300 for it. I'm saving up. My husband thinks it's tacky, but what the hell does he know?
O'keefe is also one my favorites.
I alwasy thought "girl with a pearl earring was creepy. the girl alwayd looked so sad to me. sad, like someone was intruding upon her. I wish I could explain better.
Awesomee TT this week babe!

Pen said...

Awesome TT!

O'Keefe, Mucha, & Vettriano are among my favorites as well.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Great choices! Wyeth and Vettriano are two of my favorites. Klimt also has some great work! I miss my days of art class, I think I will need to take another one soon! Why not with free tuition?! :)

Virginia said...

LOVE Monet...

Did you ever see Girl w/a Pearl Earring movie? I saw bits and pieces the other day on cable, but not enough to actually make sense out of the thing. :)

Happy TT and thanks again for introducing me to another wonderful aspect of blogging!

L^2 said...

Very cool TT. This takes me back to the days of my college art class. O'Keefe, Klimt, Monet are among my favorites too.

Lisa said...

I love Jack Vettriano.

kailani said...

I've always loved the pastel colors of Monet. If only I could afford to have one.

Robin said...

I love your choices.

Happy TT.

Karianne said...

I'm loving how you are really getting into the art again. Maybe you are going for the visual chocolate a little more these days.

My mom loves Vettriano as well.

Joan said...

Nice post! I'm glad you took the time to include pictures of some of the art.

Factor 10 said...

MMMM.. O'Keefe, Vettriano, Monet, Escher, and Wyeth. I knew I liked you! There was a Wyeth I saw a print of once, something about sisters, and it was of two small boats...can't find it now, and think I must be remembering the name wrong. I WANTED that print. sigh.
Happy TT
(and thanks for the help with mine!)

Miss Positive said...

I like no. 3 where the man and lady are dancing and the servants had to carry umbrellas for them! Haha!

wolfbaby said...

Those are some amazing pics!!

alisonwonderland said...

fabulous TT!

the novel and/or film Girl with a Pearl Earring are terrific, if you haven't read and/or viewed it!

ChrisB said...

I'm looking at a print of 'the girl with the pearl earing' on my dining room wall as I write this