Saturday, March 24, 2007

Waiting for the other shoe to drop... And a public service announcement

Don't forget to get your Dork on on Friday the Dorkteenth!

Well, lets' see... 2 weeks ago our Isuzu Rodeo was towed from the side of our house, on the street. Why? Because my husband put the clutch to the floor and there it stayed, 3 months ago. He barely made it home and wasn't able to pull drag it's sorry butt 12 more feet into the drive way. So, 3 weeks ago it was towed early morning. The tow company didn't bother to leave notice or anything and I had to call around town to find it. Evidently, on of our neighbors complained that it had been sitting on the street for 3 months. We still haven't been able to find the time to get it towed to a garage, and despite me telling the hubs that we were probably accruing storage fees, we owe 20$ a day now.

A week after our vehicle disappeared, our water heater kicked the bucket. That was fun.

This last Wednesday, my pc went on strike. Yup, she wouldn't even start for me. Luckily, I have a laptop as a back up. Later that day (yes, the very same day), my washing machine- after only 5 3/4 years- decided that she no longer had the will to live... and died mid cycle. I told my husband that all I was waiting for now was for a body part to fall off, and the sky to start falling.

My dryer has been a disgruntled employee for years, and likes to scorch our clothes in spots. I think it might have something to do with that time Anna left a whole package of gum in her pockets, and I took an hour out of my busy day to scrape it all out of the dryers innards. Evidently I missed a spot, but no matter how hard I try I can't find it.

So last night, we dropped a lot more money than we wanted to on a new washer and dryer. My husband and I are the worst when it comes to purchasing big ticket items. We are those people that reason " Well, for just a little bit more, we can get X, Y, and Z". We want a washer that is energy and water efficient, since the washer we had before was front loading and had those features. The problem is that since my barely adolescent washer was front loading and pooped out I didn't want front loading. Before we knew it , we were looking at these. Yes, an electronic display w/d set that talks to each other. {8B They are energy and water efficient, and eventually will pay for themselves in saving. I haven't worked out exactly how many years it will take, but I'm hoping it's less than 20 years.

My MIL and husband immediately started to joke WITH the sales person that I'm such a geek that I could and would find a way to blog from them. My husband continued by saying, "I can see you hooking your laptop up to it and typing 'Do my laundry, beeyotch!' "

I smirked and said that, no- I would actually type "Do my laundry, beeyotch. LOL! :) "

Anywho, at least the MIL lent us her credit card for this store otherwise we would be SOL. To me , it seems frivolous at first to pay that much, but are getting a 200$ trade in discount, and we are getting mail in rebates for delivery, 100$ for buying the "elite" line, and 50$ from the power company for buying energy efficient... all tolled 385$. *which is probably what I could have spent on a washer in the first place, if my husband and I weren't such appliance snobs*

All of that for a 4.0 cu washer. I'll be able to double my loads, leaving me more time. What will I do with that extra time? I don't really think it will save me time, but my laundry time overall in length will be reduced. I mean, really... I still have to fold all the laundry right? It's not like the clothes come out folded for me. ;)

Now that I have completely bored my reader to tears, and I don't even know if you have made it this far...

As I was trimming Anna's toe nails today- one of those must do chores that parents and kids alike detest, along with ear cleaning and nose picking assistance- and shortly after a shard of toe nail hit me in the eye, and my eye began to water profusely... I decided to make an announcement.

Please- before taking those clippers in hand- PLEASE , for the love of Krispy Kreme, put your protective eye wear on!

I think I'm going to write my congressman. We parents need and deserve hazard pay. Don't even get me started on body fluids.

It's all fun and games (not really) until somebody loses an eye.


Factor 10 said...

I have killed three dryers, my dear. In five years. I feel your pain.
Although the news about the Isuzu was sucktastic. The honey got a flat on the way home without a spare, and the checkbook is overdrawn...does that help?

Feeling the pain.
No wonder I like the blues.
Uh-oh, song comin' on...

maggie said...

Oh that stinks. Always one thing after another. I always have something break right when I think I have extra money to buy a sweet toy. LOL so I have to spend it on something boring like a van transmission or plumbing or one year it was the stupid electrical meter on my house. Caught on fire. Do you know you owe it not the electric company :(

Karmyn said...

OOOHH - very fancy!!!

I bought brand new front-loader W/D last summer and LOVE them....4.0 cubic capacity.

I can wash my Queen size comforter without a problem.....AND, it doesn't take the clothes as long to dry because the water is spun out much better.

And things break down in groups. just like light bulbs all exploding all over the house at the same time.

crse said...

wow! I just feel like the heavens opened up. The phrase is "all tolled" that makes SO MUCH more sense than "all told" which i thought it was, and puzzled over for years. Why all told? Is it like all said? Thank you MERT! (and i want my appliances to talk to each other!)

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Uhh...what happened to dork bloggers? I just went to the site and got a Bible site. Don't get me wrong, I read my was just well...weird.

wolfbaby said...

now that is a fancy washer and dryer. Mine costed me a wooping 200. for both. plus 50 for delivery. That I can deal with. At anyrate. dude the body fluids part sucks. the toenails.. now cookie monster likes getting clipped specially sense i tend to do it before we go outside and i say if you want to go out you have to get them clipped. gotta love the bribary!!!

Pamela said...

you can write that isuzu off for next years taxes? You gave it to charity. Right?

Holly said...

ROFL - I can relate to a little too much here. ;)


Daddy Forever said...

Sorry for all the things that are breaking in your life. I think we need a new washer too. It's spinning so fast I expect it to start flying like a helicopter. I hope it doesn't explode before we get it replaced.

Ash said...

I want a front loader too. maybe if I succeed in operation NMC I will be able to afford it. We shall see.
Thanks for your tip, BTW.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I feel your pain and imagine your checkbook does too! That totally sucks that everything always seems to die at once! The w/d looks like fun though! Nice that the MIL and hubby found a way to tease you about it!

I totally can agree on the body fluids and toenails thing...Emma has a cold and I dealt with more body fluids this weekend than I ever did in my own lifetime I think! It will be a miracle if I don't end up sick by mid-week! I hate it when she's sick, I just want to cuddle her and make her better.

Mert said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes... washing machine RIP. :D Factor 10, how the heck do you burn through 3 dryers in 5 years? You are my hero!

Maggie, that stinks about your electricity meter! I guess eventually they wold notice it wasn't working, right?

Karmyn, I'll be over in a minute to put another load in. :D

crse, I am glad I could be of some assistance to somebody, LOL!

Wolfbaby, that's a really good idea about clipping. Anna has always been a pain about clipping nails, but Emma sees big sis getting it done and volunteers.

Pamela Pajamela, no we didn't donate it. we still have to pay to get it fixed. If we didn't need the extra vehicle we probably would donate. We did that once, donated our Toyota Corolla to the boy scouts.

Daddyforever, I hope your laundry doesn't get sent into orbit while you are waiting for a replacement.

Ash, I'm glad to help. I hope that your visitor likes your new washer when you finally get it. :D

Michelle, i hope you don't get sick either. I know we all here had our immune systems put to the test this year.