Monday, April 30, 2007

Carnival of Family Life

This week's edition of the Carnival of Family Life ( who's creator is my sweet bloggin buddy Local Girl) is up at Parenting Toddlers!

I actually managed to remember to get my submission in on time this time. :) despite reminders from Google Calendar and post it notes, I always seem to forget. I'm thinking Ginko.

Care to join me? At the Carnival... not the ginko biloba. Well, only if you want to, let me know.;)

***To get CFL banners like the one above, you can save the banners I made to use if you like. Just click the banner above to see more... and click on the images to see the image in it's true form and size. Then "right click/save as".***


maggie said...

Thank the lord.. i don't qualify for that carnival anymore... no more toddlers.

ok ok but i miss the babies

wolfbaby said...

hmm need i remind you to stop referring me to good blogs to read? *grin* Like I need more;P

Yep I liked that post that you wrote!!

gimmy said...

hello i happy :D nice!! post

gimmy said...

see my blog and comment any tip!!

Daddy Forever said...

Nice graphics. I've seen them around, but didn't know you created them. Good job!