Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5 days without modern conveniences *TWITCH*

The good ones anyway! I tell you it was a long five days, nearly as long and painful as 22 hours of hard labor without drugs, followed by an emergency c-section... all while suffering through a raging case of bronchitis. Coughing with a 4 inch incision? Yeah that kind of pain.

Yesterday, I was so near the end of my rope that I sat on the couch, doing absolutely nothing for an hour while waiting for the cable guy to show up. Now that's sad! Salvation came just in the nick of time, when my knight in shining work pants and his noble Mediacom steed came to my rescue. I did not ride off into the sunset with said knight though... I was too busy frantically making sure everything worked before he left.

Besides, he doesn't have as nice of a butt as John's.

EDIT TO ADD: I forgot to mention that not only did was our cable disconnected, but because it was behind 83 days behind we lost our AWESOME package (movie channels/cable, internet). Now , we no longer have movie channels, and because the prices have gone up we can't afford movie channels. To top it all off, without movie channels... IT IS COSTING US MORE MONEY THAN WHAT WE WERE PAYING BEFORE- WITH MOVIES.

Speaking of butts- finally checking in yesterday to read your comments on possible punishments made up for it. Pamela's comment was the best! You made me and John laugh. Slacker Mommy's comment was a close second, but it wasn't meant to be. We were without Internet and cable for 5 days... what else were we supposed to do? :D

Actually, we played musical chairs with the 2 bedrooms Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. You know, the 2 bedrooms that house 2 adults and that 2 pretty, pretty, prima donna princesses share? Guess who were the losers? John and I are now sharing a room with Emma, and Anna is very happy to have her own room back. We moved Em into our room after taking our bed off the frame. The good news? We only have to walk a foot to climb into bed to soothe a fussy, grumpy, half asleep Emma back to sleep in the middle of the night. The bad news? She only has to walk a foot to climb into bed with a fussy, grumpy, half asleep mom and dad.

When I have a chance, I will take a picture of the adorable butterfly removable stickers I found at Home Depot. I put them in a floating wave across two walls and up the side of a window, it's pretty cute and no painting was involved.*Phew!*

We have Emma all settled into her "new woom", and it's all been toddler proofed. Next we have to sort through 6 years worth of girl stuff to make Anna's room acceptable. Our girl already has plans for mom and dad to paint over the flowery wall paper, and paint grass, blue walls for a sky and paint a sun around her brand new Hunter ceiling fan. Sometimes an imagination is not a good thing. ;) Not for mom and dad anyway. All in good time we tell her. She also found butterfly stickers, but she knows it has to wait until we prime and paint the wall paper.

Of course squabbles broke out downstairs as the parents toiled away upstairs, including Anna purposely bugging the snot out of Emma ( no cable ya know), and complaining that we were taking too long... until dear old mom told her to straighten up- " We're doing all of this for you, you know. Do you think I want to share a room with my kids? Uhhh, no! We know you need your own room, and we are doing this so that you can have your own space, and so that you and your sister do not kill each other... So knock it off and zip it before I change my mind!"

In order to do all of this , huge amounts of furniture jockeying was required, including getting a bed frame out of storage and 2 sets of box springs. In order to get the box springs out of the garage, we had to clean off the messy porch so we could take a short cut through there...You get the idea. Plus giving her our dresser (why am I doing this again?) because we can't afford to buy her a nice one right now ( by nice I mean one that isn't compressed wood that will fall apart before she makes it to college). We finally got her bed together last night right before bed.

It's been an interesting 5 days. You want to know the funny part? I got a note from Anna's school stating that last week they were having a period of "no TV" for 3 days and they were encouraging everyone to take part- you know " to do something!". I gave Anna's school a mental razzberry and thought to myself- Yeah right! I do what I can to soothe the savage beasts, I thumb my nose in your general direction!

Haha, I guess the joke is on me. They got their 3 days plus some *grumble*. At what price, a mother's sanity? *sniff*

Anywhooo, I leave you with 2 Anna-isms.

While frantically trying to soothe the beasts with a plethora of DVD-age, Anna and Emma watched Ice Age. Sid the sloth was running in circles screaming like a girl because his tail had caught fire. Anna said:

Stop, drop and roll, ya freak!

This weekend we were out and Anna had mentioned that she thought it was raining. John asked her what had clued her in, all the tiny drops of water that just hit her body?

Anna seemed upset at her dad's sarcasm, and turned away to look out of the back seat window. I explained that we had just been joking with her, we didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

"The damage has been done, my friend," she said, smiling... and we all burst into laughter. :D


wolfbaby said...

Ahh the joy's of motherhood... gee I can't wait till cookie monster reaches that stage..


what's that?

ohh yeah she already has;P

I feel your pain sharing a room with the youngest.. we just booted our youngest into her sisters room. ahh privacy.. i cherish it!!! Congrats on having the net access back.. and thankful prayers for your sanity and cable T.V.

Daddy Forever said...

No cable for Internet reminds me of the old modem days. Couldn't do a whole lot and had to wait until I got to the office to do real surfing.

kailani said...

I'm so glad you're back online. Things just wasn't the same without you.

I love the "ya freak" comment! LOL! I think I may use it on my next flight! hee hee

Jill said...

She is hilarious! I am going to use that second line myself!

Glad you were able to keep busy enough to not go completely bonkers without cable and internet for 5 days, though you're a better mom than I for giving the big girl her own room at the expense of you and the hubby :-)