Friday, April 27, 2007


Yesterday we planned to head out to Anna's school for the PTA sponsored book fair. Anna is doing so well with her reading, and we are so proud of her, we want to continue to nurture that desire. John and I were both slow starters as children, but now both love to read. I am so glad this habit has rubbed off on Anna.

Because we have been so busy lately, I am ashamed to admit the we were a little behind on baths. Neither of the kids were funky per se, but I wanted to make sure that Anna's skin was getting darker from those Serbian/Mexican genes and the Spring sun... not from becoming her own science project. I know that when we are busy like this it's better to give the girls a bath after Anna gets home from school, because if we wait until the evening, we either are out or too exhausted. ;)

So knowing all of this, and the fact that we were going out last night, they got a bath yesterday after school and snacks. After finishing Em, I was working on Anna next. Being that she is easily distracted I had to remind (chide her even) for lallygagging. It's not unusual, actually its a daily occurrence- several times a day.

Anna, hurry up and get dressed. I still have to clean your ears and comb your hair. I wouldn't want to have to show up at your school looking like this.

You mean with un-matching pajama pants and t shirt?


And your hair a mess?



Yeee-es, I haven't even had a shower yet. Wouldn't you be a little embarrassed?

A little?

*wide eyed stare, with raised eye brow*

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. *I try not to laugh, but do*

*she giggles*

When I told John last night he chuckled and said ," Hmmmmm."

As if to say- Gee, I wonder where she got that from? Yeah, yeah... beating a dead horse. Hel-looo-ooo. You know you've been married a long time when sarcasm is limited to one sound, and your mate knows exactly what you are thinking.

It's a good thing I love this kid. ;) My husband too. :D


amy said...

I love posts like this..Too precious..Have a great weekend

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I love the "becoming her own science project" part...haha, you crack me up and your kiddo does too! I have the case of the giggles all too often with Emma, more like when she's being naught and I need to be stern but she'll make some face and giggle, knowing full well I'll crack!

Have a fabulous weekend, supposed to be nice here, 70's again, maybe another park visit will be in the plans!

kailani said...

Sometimes I wish they weren't so honest! LOL!

wolfbaby said...

Thats to funn;)

can you email me?

wolfbaby(@) blogsplot (.) net


Jenny Ryan said...

I just love your kids, and the great relationship you have with them. How nice for them to know their mom thinks they're so funny, and is OK with them having their own thoughts and feelings. That's such a great gift you're giving them.

Daddy Forever said...

Wait until Anna finds out you're a dork - assuming she doesn't know already.