Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two is plenty, thanks.

See Wordless Wednesday below. :D

You know you blog too much when... your 2 year old - who is sitting on her daddy's lap- asks her daddy- who is surfing the web-

"What dat, daddy? Ah bog?"

I had to laugh, John just shook his head.

Her new thing is "nuffin". As in Emma went on a little rant and tacked a "momma" on the end. I asked her what she said.

She crossed her arms, and gave me the smooshy, grumpy face. "Nuffin."

Last night-

I hun-gy, momma.

Ok, I'm making dinner right now.

1 minute later: I hunnnn-gyyyy.

I know, babes. I'm making it. It will be a few more minutes, is that OK?

Smooshy face/crossed arms- No.

Too bad. It's not done yet.

Exaggerated arm crossing- HMMMMMMPH!- gives me a side ways glare and exits to the living room.

The playpen is actually being used for more than toy storage now... Time outs and terrible two's are in full session.

I'll say it again... I don't know where they get it from. *bats eyes innocently*
And no (insistent, tactless relatives) we don't want to try for a boy. Look what we managed to accomplish without even trying. Two is plenty, thanks.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Those tactless relatives are the worst!! I lost count how many times we've been asked or told, "time for another one"'s time if/when we say it's time! *crossed arms* Hmmpf!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

By the way, I love the park photos and those 2 year old words are so cute! :) Hehe, funny she knows the word blog, a lot of adults are clueless about blogs!

alisonwonderland said...

I don't know where they get it from.

I have an idea or two ... :o)

Pamela said...

they look like their daddy.. but I think they must have mommy's wild side.

kailani said...

I hear you! So many people keep asking me when we're going to try for a boy. Knowing my husband, we'll probably end up with 5 girls. It's his payback for being such a player in his younger years! LOL!

Ash said...

Since we found out number 2 is a girl, all of Tom's family has been asking if we will try for a boy as well. I'm like, Let me pop this one out and we'll see.


Gots to love them tactless relatives!

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh man, they are too funny!

Not the tactless relatives-for them, I think you should have a special dispensation to smack them every time they say something stupid and inappropriate like that. :)

scribbit said...

She's pretty cute, love the phonetic translations of her speech. :)

Holly Schwendiman said...

Amen, today has reaffirmed for me that I was not designed to be a mother to many. Two is just right and I'm spoiled!


Jennifer McK said...

I blame my redneck hubby. *bats eyes innocently*
I can so relate to these nice little comments.
My favorite was when my oldest (then 2, now 6) stamped his foot and said "Dinner. Now!"

Karianne said...

The photos are great, I still can't get over how much the girls look like you.

I could only imagine the what for I'd get if one of the kids said something about blogging in front of Chris. I really don't want to find out.