Thursday, April 12, 2007

THURSDAY THIRTEEN #25- 13 things I was doing this last week, when I SHOULD have been blogging.

Spring ( or lack there of right now, I have at least an inch of snow in my yard right now) has once again sneaked up on me, and I have been overwhelmed this last week. If Spring wasn't so charming, I'd give it a good spanking and a harsh talking to. ;) Here are 13+ things I did this last week when I should have been blogging.

1. It was spring break for Anna, so instead of having one little booger to chase after , I had 2 raging, kicking, hitting, hissing, screaming princesses to tend with. Ain't love grand?
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2. Speaking of which, Emma had her 2 yr check up in the last week (shots, OUCH!). Our family doc is very down to earth, not to mention hilarious. He asked how Anna was doing... when we told him, he said his 6 yr old is the only kid he has had so far that he wanted to strangle. ;) I agreed, and said that I had told John in the past that now I know why some animals eat their young.

I knew there was a reason why we picked him.
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3. Even though we don't do the Easter Bunny/basket/egg thing ( we are believers that Jesus is the reason for the season), we had an Easter hunt consisting dollar store erasers, balls, candy and cookies... in our house. It was 35 degrees outside.
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4. We went to John's cousin's (Jason) for Easter brunch. I have to tell you, it was one of the most enjoyable, unstressed Easters I have ever had. Also It was fun to watch Emma and Elsie (Jason's 17 month old toddler) together, you could see that they wanted to poke and smack each other at times but they actually played well with each other. All bets were off, we'll have to do that another time- but I think Emma could take her.
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5. I finally received my shiny new washing machine. We are still waiting for the dryer though and have a loaner for now. Friday we had to move a lot of furniture, scrubbed out the laundry room once everything was out, and took doors off the hinges to get that beast in the tiny laundry room. We had to move our stove and fridge too, but it was worth it. BTW, we named the new w/d set Fred and Wilma. Wilma really misses Fred and hopes he gets here soon.

6. Since then , I have done 25+ loads of laundry, in nearly half the time. So what should have taken me a 2 weeks only took me a week, including comforters. Hooray.

7. Spring cleaning: We finally got our bathroom sink in (thanks uncle Bruce!), but the bathroom isn't painted. So, all the bathroom crap that I had in my bedroom closet finally made it's way out. I can now actually step into my closet.
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8. And- I cleaned out the linen closet, removing old toiletries, ect.
And- Cleaned out my kitchen junk drawers.
And- cleaned out my office armoire.
And- organized the girls toys downstairs and upstairs.

9. And- scrubbed out litter boxes. PU!

10.And- organized the bookshelves on our window seat area... plus removing MORE adult books (not those kind of adult books, you filthy Google'ers!) to make way for MORE kids books.

11. John and I rebuilt my desktop computer, and I installed (again) all of the 100+ gigs of CRAP I thought I couldn't live without.
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12.A few days later... my desktop pooped out on me again, and I got to do it all over- being the fourth time in a 3 weeks when you factor in me moving most of it off the old tower onto a laptop, then on to a new computer... which completely sucked up and clubbed to death any remaining energy I would have had left for blogging, had I not had all of those computer woes.
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13. Since I had all that free time left over (sheeee-yeah, right!), and wasn't blogging... I had more time for quality hubby time.
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Well, I'm sure I could add a few more things but... I don't want to. "...Cuz, all I wanna do is blog some fun... I've got this feeling I'm not the only one..."


Lisa said...

So what you're saying is, you're tired?

My son had his two year check up this week too, but he only had to have one shot this time (HepA).

My list is things I still have to do.

Denise Patrick said...

You were one busy woman!! But, it sounds like you got a lot done. If only I was that productive when I'm doing stuff I shouldn't be doing!

Sorry if my name shows up more than once - I wasn't sure it showed up the first time at all, so I clicked the link again.

My TT is all about things I wish I could do.

Karmyn R said...

You were a busy lady!!! But doesn't it feel good after you did all that cleaning? Sometimes, spring cleaning is catharsis for my soul. (yeah, right - but if I think that, it makes me feel better)

amy said...

Sounds like you were busy..Hope you had a good time

Virginia said...

As always, you get more accomplished in one week than I seem to do in a month! I only do laundry when I am literally wearing my last pair of panties! Oops! Was that too much sharing?! :)

Anonymous said...

You were missed, sister!
Glad you are back--I did a lot of housekeeping this holiday, as well. Back at work now, though. sigh...

Jen Factor 10

alisonwonderland said...

good work, my friend! (do you want to come over to my house next?)

and 16 items on a Thursday Thirteen list! woohoo! :o)

alisonwonderland said...

p.s. i just HAD to smile when i read the title of your list!

Kuanyin said...

This post really gave me a good laugh! Especially the title! Happy TT!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

What a productive Spring Break! :) We have a window seat too in our dining room & I keep wanting to find a cute basket for books or something like that, not really room for a bookshelf and there are bookshelves between the dining and living room on the living room side anyway...

Ditto on the PU litterboxes, glad my hubby does that job!

Holly Schwendiman said...

ROFL - so that's what they mean about spring cleaning? LOL I'm having a hard time jumping back into my groove this past week...not sure what's up. ;)