Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #26- 13 things you COULD do if you didn't have cable/internet because your husband forgot to pay the bill for 83 days.

1. Sort your sock drawer.

2. Out of desperation, consider chipping paint from the siding over your garage.

3. Search your car for loose change and gum.

4. Transfer 2 whole rooms of stuff in an erratic and senseless pattern over the span of 5 days, not unlike one of these.

5. Make a sock monkey.

6. Floss. A lot.

7. Blog in your head- write mental posts about how you would like to kill your husband for forgetting to pay the cable bill, where to hide the body parts, wonder what all your blogging friends are doing, and if they will forget about you while you are gone.

8. Watch your washing machine do a complete wash cycle and/or wait anxiously for your dryer to DING.

9. Ponder the pros and cons of giving up the only place in the house you can call your own so that your 6 year old can have a place to call her own.

10. Teach yourself how to play the drums. On Tupperware.

11. Try to guess how many spam emails you have waiting for you.

12. Since you don't have cable or internet, you can now hear the crashing and clanging of your life wasting away... and you now have time to wonder what you are going to do with the rest of your life.

13. The very last hour of your desperate quiet, sit on the couch and do nothing while you wait for the cable guy, feeling thankful and exhilarated when he knocks on the door, and try to restrain yourself from jumping all over him like an excited puppy.


Dana said...

Loved your list!

Karianne said...

I'm sooo glad that you are back! It was great to see your comments, I'd missed you. It sounds absolutely horrible. I'd probably have to move to my office.

PS. I'm glad that my husband doesn't read blogs because you'd be giving him ideas about cutting off our internet/cable to get some housework done.

maggie said...

LOL. Well at least you didn't go insane.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Great list, so glad you are back, I've missed you! I would go insane, glad you didn't, although with the paint chipping and tupperware drumming sounds like you were dangerously close! haha

JAM said...

IS HE CRAZY?! What, did he do something stupid like pay the mortgage first? Figures.

Lovely Wife would kill me dead, or better yet, pawn my Les Paul to get the cable hooked back up. That would hurt more that death.

Lovely Wife has an intricate schedule, more complex than a spider web, on what she will record on the DVR, watch, etc.

I'd cause a crack in the space-time continuum if I messed that up.

Hope it gets back to normal for you. Those kinds of upheavals take a while to get over. Kinda like when Bewitched switched Darrens. You're never sure of anything after that.

Pen said...

LOL! That is a GREAT list! I should just make it my to do list!

Ash said...

Ahhhh, I can post comments now.

I had a really witty one last time, but I've forgotten it now.

Good TT Dear, so glad you are back.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Anxiously awaiting your return of service my dear. ;)


DK said...

Wow, you've had one heckuva week! Hope you're still not too mad at hubby; keepers are so hard to find... We have Suddenlink (what kind of name is that) and they think you should blow kisses and throw flowers at them when they drive down the street - rate increases every other month. Maybe we should organize some sort of grass roots protest. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and it's so good to hear you are back "on the air".

ancsweetnsassygal said...

Did you find any loose change in your car or sofa? And at elast your dentist will be happy. Great TT. Happy Thursday!

My TT is up also.

wolfbaby said...

thats to funny LOL..

your never going to let him forget this are you *grin*

good i wouldn't either

alisonwonderland said...

just the title of your list had me laughing! thanks for sharing your "joy"! and, boy, am i glad that you're back in action. :o)

happy thursday!

Daddy Forever said...

Sounds like hubby is still in trouble and will be for a long time.

kailani said...

You sure know how to keep yourself busy! LOL!

Virginia said...

Just don't do what I did and accidentally sexually assault the cable man! :) Glad you're back up and running! My TT (of sorts) is now up--albeit late. The mean IT people at work had to take my computer away because it (along with everything else in the world) was conspiring against me so I was without blogging capabilities. Sigh.

Mert said...

Hi guys, thanks for all of the comments, especially the funny ones! :D

I forgive, but never forget ;)

I told him what I wrote last night, he said "Ahhh, now I know where I stand." But he knows I'm just joking.:)

Pamela said...

we should all have some cable/internet free days.

It's spring - my garden is calling.
I'm going to have to take a hiatus.. and blaze a trail through this mess in my house.

an enjoyable list mert. !!