Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Soooo, I was thinking...

Touchy subject and TMI alert!

I was thinking the other day about something that is important but it's also something that we women take for granted and often neglect. How many of us women actually do the monthly breast exam? Women are just as busy as men, don't get me wrong... but we are so busy whether we work out side the home or not. Most women tend to neglect themselves and put their family first.

I'm not trying to place blame or guilt on anyone, it's just a fact of life. Often times we are busy making appointments for our family, and put our needs last. that what we do. :) There are lots of dads out there too that sacrifice just as much as moms do... but this is mostly for the gals.

I was thinking... what if we made very 15th of the month we agreed across the blogoshpere (maybe it will even spread to other arenas) that each of us women do our self exams? What if we took a second to make mention of this reminder in a post?

I already have an agreement with the MIL that we remind each other every 15th. I have a feeling it will be mostly me reminding her ;), but I was thinking of making a small button to place in my monthly post.

I want to name it something, but not too risque ... nothing like "Boobs Across America" *cheeky grin* But I would like it to be something fun and not so serious. The first thing that popped into my head was that I needed to "frisk" myself each month.

Frisk on the 15th
Frisk 15th
Frisk the 15th

If you guys have any other ideas for names, let me know.

If there are guys reading this and you think that it's important for men to do these exams (on yourselves, fellers) I could make a button for the guys too. I could make a manly version of the button just for the guys. I know that I read 450 men die from breast cancer each year as well ("Family history is just one of the risk factors for male breast cancer... "), so this disease doesn't just affect women.

Before I do hours of Photoshopping though (I tend to go a little over board and make many variations of one theme), I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing this. I'm wondering how many are like me and could use a reminder?

BTW, my sister worte me back after my previous letter... things are going very well. I have a feeling we will be speaking to each other over the phone soon. :D


Virginia said...

How about "Frisky the 15th"? :) Great concept regardless of what you call it!

Glad things are going well with the sister!

wolfbaby said...

hmm hows bout

"Feelin the 15th"

thats only cause i have a twisted since of humor;)

congrats with your sister... glad it's goin well!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Frisky 15th sounds fun! :) I think it's a great idea and would use the button you make.

So glad you and your sister are talking! :)

I was just thinking the other day that now that I am almost 30 maybe I should to self exams, I never had because...sorry for the TMI...but my boobs are huge and feel lumpy anyway so how will I know if there's a scary lump? Anyway, with my stepmom's recent breast cancer stuff it got me thinking!

Jenny Ryan said...

Having a hard time concentrating on whether or not I can do this, because the concept of frisking myself is TOTALLY cracking me up! :D

kailani said...

I definitely need a reminder!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Ah - yet one more thing I'm always falling behind on....LOL I've been so bad about my yearly female exam. I have the monthly breast check down since I found a lump 9 years ago but there's always something that keeps me from getting that yearly pap scheduled. :( Sigh. By the way, I have been reading just running out of time to comment lately. I am a total slacker these days!


Karianne said...

Great idea! I'll have to think more about the "slogan" tho.

maggie said...

Do we have to do it ourselves. I usually try to save that for Honey to do. Thats on his Honey to do list.

Stephanie said...

That is a great idea. You should spread it to the bloggy world and create a linky exchange so more of us remember!

Pamela said...

how about titty tuesday.


seriously... I also do the mirror thing. Stand in front of it and lift my arms to make sure there is not change or puckering. As we grow older -- the mirror drops lower.

Ash said...

I actually do do the breast exam every month, and twice a month when I am pregnant. I tend to develop cysts that have to be checked out sooooo...plus, my grandmother died of it, so I am especially vigilant about it.

Lisa said...

I'd put a button up too.