Monday, June 18, 2007

We have a winner!

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Wolfbaby is the winner of a 10$ Starbucks gift card for guessing correctly the 2 things I changed on my header since putting up this theme.

Here is the original:

Wolfbaby asked: "the light and butterfly to the left is new?"

The sun is setting in the new version, and the butterfly on the left moved up a bit. :D

Congratulations Wolfbaby... I hope you have a Starbucks nearby. If not, I'll get you something else. ;)


wolfbaby said...

ahh thats cool;)

thank you!!

ya know i never win anything so this is way cool!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I suck, I have been SOOO busy I haven't been able to read my favorite blogs in a few days so I missed this! Congrats wolfbaby!

Slackermommy said...

Darn! I missed a contest.

Dorky Dad said...

Dangit. I missed this contest. I totally would have succeeded, too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids.

Pretty impressive job on the picture, by the way.

kailani said...

Shucks! I was pretty close!

Robin said...

** sigh **

So I missed another contest...

and I missed your debut of your cool new blog...

You are so dang talented!