Friday, June 22, 2007

Signs of affection. NOT!

Last night I was putting Emma to bed. Well, let me preface that by saying that poor John sprained his ankle on work property (which the dodo didn't get looked at, he works for a hospital for Pete's sake!), Emma was screaming that she wanted mommy... so I cut John some slack and took over for him.

After I got Emma calmed down, I told her that i loved her "all day long", which is what she likes to say when she wants us to know she is annoyed with something. :D As in:"I had a booger in my nose allll dayyyy long."

Anyway, like with Anna I try to make sure that Emma knows I love her no matter what.

I love you all day long, even when you're grumpy.

*nods her head* What else?

I love you all day long, even when you're stinky.

*smile* What next?

I love you all day long, even when you're sassy.

Mmmhmmm, what else?

I love you all day long, every day, forever and ever.

She smiled a big smile then showed me that she loved me too... by licking her hand and wiping it down my face.

Well, to give her a little credit she does normally deposit a good amount of saliva... but usually its sequestered to one area on my face. This time she was going for the gold I guess.


And now it's time for our weekly does of Annaisms.

Anna is trying her very first Twinkie... lets just say that i have tried to keep the evil that is Hostess out of our house for as long as I could. I love Hostess Ding Dongs and Hoho's... they have a wicked siren song and I am powerless to their devices.

OK, enough about me. ;)

Anna got through 1 1/2 Twinkies, and then she said, "Mom, I can't eat any more. They are making me noxious."

To which John said- about his darling (gassy) daughter,"I don't have a hard time believing that."


kailani said...

How cute! You could write a children's book with that!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Too cute and too perfect!!


Karianne said...

Your kids are so funny!

wolfbaby said...

your kids are to funny for words...

they sound so much like mine sometimes!!!

Daddy Forever said...

I know what you mean about Hostess. I love them, but I don't get them because I know my kids will get hooked too.

Virginia said...

I guess the saliva incident could've been worse...she could've just licked you flat out! ;) Very cute!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Those girls, how adorable!! Yeah the spit luvin'...can't beat that! And yes, those words would make a good children's book, I agree with kailani on that one. Our Emma is stingy with her hugs and kisses sometimes, especially if we're asking her to give one to someone but she's great with the spontaneous ones thrown in when you least expect it! We're now teaching her how to say she's sorry and give a hug and kiss when she's sassy...she hauled off and slapped me yesterday when we were out shopping, enough for a red mark on my cheek...I handed her to my mom and walked away because I felt like I'd actually cry, then we did the whole "sorry" and hugs and kisses and she even threw in an extra hug and sorry later which was sweet.

crse said...

Seriously, Im glad you write these down. Norm had an adorable mispronounciation that ive completely forgotten to write. Im going to be so jealous in ten years when your shame bank is bigger than mine!

Pamela said...

oh... I have to agree with her on that. I hate Twinkies.. That make me noxious, too!!!

My granddaughter buttercup wanted to come home with me in my "soupcase"....