Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not just another Sk*rt

I missed out on the What's Under Your sk*rt Contest but I thought I'd give it a shot anywho. So...

What's under my sk*rt?

You really want to know? Life, that's what. I'm not just talking about the time I jumped out of a car - which I do have scars from- or the fact that my addiction to chocolate is evidenced by the shear size of my general butt region.

When I ponder what outsiders would think of my sk*rt areas... The truth is I realize I just don't care. Sure, I survived an unexpected collision with graveled terrain, but most people wouldn't be able to find the marks that have long been camouflaged by the battle scars of expanding myself through mass quantities of carbs ,and well- pregnancy.

Though it's terrain may include the barely healed pot holes of the 2 lumps removed from my right leg, it also contains the battle scars motherhood. I wasn't blessed with the "no cellulite" gene, or the ability to remain stretch mark free.

What you will find under my sk*rt are the marks of labor and love. You'll find a scar low on my belly that bore 3 children into this world, 2 in life and one who was not meant to be.

You'll see paths my body traveled- in joy and in pain, through the marks mapped out on my thighs and belly.

You'll see from my battle scars that I lived to jump another day. :D

That's life. And for the most part... I wouldn't change a thing.

Have you checked out Sk*rt yet? This is a chance to find some very interesting (read as hilarious) reading material, and to vote for your favorite blogs and blog posts. It's very simple, just sign up for a free account and start reading and voting.

You may notice the Sk*rt button at the end of each of my blog posts, you might have already noticed these at your favorite blogs. Also they have cool contests to win prizes. There is one going on right now -sk*rt Share-the-Love Contest- where all you have to do put a button with a link back to them in your sidebar, then drop them and email... and you have achance to win prizes worth 500$ or more.

Not a paid post, just a "sharing the coolness" post ;)


kailani said...

I recently joined sk*rt and I'm still trying to learn my way through it. It's a pretty cool site. They're always having givaways!

Daddy Forever said...

You have enough scars for several people. I always thought I had a bad childhood, but compared to you, I'm like Paris Hilton (pre-jail).

Dorky Dad said...

That's a pretty cool post. Too bad you didn't get it in time for the contest. I'd try to vote for you. I'd probably fail because I'm not signed up and I'd get quickly frustrated. But I'd try!

Absolutely Bananas said...

great post!

Slackermommy said...

Excellent post, Mert! I'll vote for what's under your skirt.

A-Country-Mom (formerly Stephanie) said...

I haven't taken the time to check it out yet, but it does seem like the "the next best thing" that everyone is talking about.

Holly Schwendiman said...

I'll have to keep up on the new stuff through you! ;) The good news about battle scars is the memories, lessons and often even blessings that find their way through them. It's the concept of silver linings brought to life. ;)


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

AWESOME! Great post, you'd win that contest!

maggie said...

and to think I just thought the answer was Commando

crse said...

That was a powerful post. I wish youd made the contest. You would have won!

Pokey Puppy said...

I have not read many of the blogs to go under this contest.. but i must say i loved yours... your heart was so evident. It even made ME a little sappy and apreciative of my body scars.. well... i said a little ;-)