Thursday, June 07, 2007

I don't know why I do it!

My favorite Aunt, Anti Yvonne sent me the link to something really funny. I'm guessing some of you who work in an office environment will enjoy it!

If you would like a little TMI to round off your Thursday... you can go red a really embarrassing post I wrote at Dork Bloggers.

You'll be laughing at me, not with me. Come one, click the link... you know you want to. ;)

Yesterday evening we went to Arby's for dinner. The one day I decide to leave the diaper bag in the car- the one that has my set of car keys and cell phone- is the day that John does something uncharacteristic like locking the keys in the car. John was not pleased.

In the end, instead of waiting for the MIL to come pick us up without a car seat for Emma, and/or waiting for a lock smith to arrive...

We decided to bust out the small side window in the back of our Isuzu, the side one that was shattered this winter by some hoodlum and that we haven't gotten fixed yet. Luckily, John had duct taped the window up to prevent it from breaking in on one of our kids, so the mess wasn't too bad. John was still not pleased, but at least we were able to go home.

For now, the door window is covered with a very chic black trash bag. I should have taken a picture, but I'm sure you guys have seen this vehicle fashion trend before.

Lesson learned. Even though you may not use a single thing in that diaper bag on an ordinary day, you just never know. I guess I'll be hauling that sucker with me every where from now on.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Sucks to break a window like that but as if you have not seen enough of the MIL this week already! haha!

As for the diaper bag forgetfulness...what a coincidence, I went to my dad's last night to visit and for the first time ever, I think, I left the diaper bag at home and wouldn't you know it, we get to his house after picking some stuff up at Walmart and Emma decides to poo! I had to go out in the rain to the Dollar General that's near his house to get a pack of diapers and wipes, which I left at his house for futures use...good thing I didn't try anything lazy to avoid going out for diapers because she went AGAIN a couple of hours later...what did daddy feed her yesterday?!?!

crse said...

You know, I NEVER have the bag, the diapers the wipes and the clothes all at once! And stories like this are why i never lock my car!

Karmyn R said...

OUCH! the poor window (at least it had already been broken). There is nothing worse than that "locked the keys in the car" feelings (especially when the kids are with you).

wolfbaby said...

your cops won't come jimmy a door for ya'll? they do here ... has come in very handy on occasion;)

Pamela said...

My N.e.x.t car is going to have a push button unlock key pad on the door. Yessiireee Bob.

Is that your Aunt Yvonne (uniquely me?)