Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No. No. And No.

Emma is obsessed with "birfdays". Every day she asks me, "Is it my birfday, momma?"

Nope honey-I say- It's not for a loooong time.

She shows her defeat with the slump of the shoulders I know so well. Her mentor (big sis) taught her.

I hate to think that I- in my pessimistic wisdom- have tainted my child, but again I say... She's around ME 24/7, who else would she have gotten it from?

So now, after a few days of No, no and no, she says:

Guess what?


It not my birfday, huh?

Once in a while though she will surprise me with a life time lesson that Dorky Dad reminded me of:

Guess what?


*Big dramatic hand gestures, and spoken in a cute but awe stricken whisper-y voice* Itssssss mah birf-day.....!

Guess what?


Chickenbutt... heehee!


Alos, you might have noticed the new button in my sidebar... My blogging bud Local Girl

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She also has some adorable burp cloths and bibs, nursing pillow covers and diaper shirts. You can chose the fabric , embroidery image and the font styles to customize them to your liking. Go give her website a look, you might find something for that baby shower that you have marked on your calendar


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

It's so cute how your Emma has so much personality! I love it! I can't believe she does the "guess what, chickenbutt"...hee hee!

Daddy Forever said...

My son is also obsessed with birthdays. Actually with presents. Now that his birthday is over, he's telling me what he wants for Christmas.

Dorky Dad said...

Yeah, my boy is the same way, always talking about birthdays. "Is it my birthday, Daddy? Is it YOUR birthday?"

And that chickenbutt thing never, ever fails to make me chuckle.

wolfbaby said...

too funny cookie monster is the same exact way.. she is obsessed with birthday parties.. good news? it dosn't even have to be hers.. :) though she prefers that it were.

CDPJ said...

The Boy is obsessed with birthdays, too. For a couple weeks he was singing Happy Birthday to me every day, then asking when his birthday was. This is generally tied to a birthday celebration at his school, as far as I can tell.

As for the chicken butt retort.... classic. It's one of my favorites and it drives Hubbz nuts! At one point I had a link to a t-shirt that adorned with Guess What? Chicken-Butt.... but I can't find it today!

I am going to have to check out Island Girl's shop... love her and I'll be needing those kind of goodies soon!