Thursday, October 26, 2006

13 names I have been called in my lifetime, Thursday 13 #8

Thirteen names Mary has been called in her lifetime,

Well, I have been called many, some of them rated R... so I will try to keep them as clean as possible

1. Mert: my dad used to call me Myrtle for some reason, and my brothers shortened it to Mert

2.Gertle & Myrtle Gertle: Yup you guessed it, Gertle rhymes with Myrtle *rolls eyes*

3. May-reh: my great grand mother was from the south , and this is how she pronounced my name. I believe I started grinding my teeth around this time.

4. Murray: My youngest brother would call me this. He was a special needs child, and though I was ecstatic that he finally learned my name by the age of 5 or 6, I didn't quite like it as much as a teen, lol.

5. Flipper: Me and 3 buddies wore flippers (swimming gear) all day in high school, because we had declared Wednesday would be "Beach Day". Our teachers tried to get us to remove them, but we stood our flippered ground , saying there was no rule saying we couldn't wear them. :O)

6. Aury: my favorite nick name, given to me by my husband when we were dating

7. Cranny: a co-worker of mine while I was stationed at Bethesda Naval Hospital couldn't pronounce my new married name to save her life. No matter how many times I corrected her, she always pronounced it wrong. I even went through the trouble of spelling it out phonetically and taping it over my military name tag, LOL!

8. Chronic *rhymes with vich*: My married name ends with vich, and in the Navy- while on deployment in the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf war- my shipmates called me Chronic _itch. I am guessing this is because since I joined the Navy immediately after graduating from high school, I was able to make decisions for myself and have my own opinions for the first time in my life, in essence leaving my childhood as far behind me as possible. I think I may have over done it while stating my opinions during the first 2-3 years of my independent life.

9.Cromag: another name given during Desert Storm/Shield by a ship mate

10. Honey: this is a name used by all of my family members, we are all honey most of the time. I hate it when John actually calls me Mary, he usually only calls me by my given name when he is steaming mad at me.

11. Snarf: John and I both watched Thunder Cats as children, and one day happened upon an episode while channel surfing a longggggg time ago. We haven't called each other that in a while. :O)

12. Torti: my husband playfully calls me this because I am half Mexican, half Caucasian. As in Tortilla... I know, we're weird.

13. Fibble: My friend Effie and I have this horrible habit of mixing up letters when we a re talking, and in her case- making up entire words. She said I "fibbled" something one day, we laughed so hard that we never did figure out what she was actually trying to say. We occasionally call each other Fibble, still.

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Tracie said...

Flipper, that is a great story!

BecK said...

Wow that takes me back!
My brother and I used to watch that show religously! Thanks for the giggle!
Great list never thougth to do a 13 with nick-names!

Mine's up too!

kailani said...

Ahhh, now it all makes sense. I was wondering why you used Mary and Mert. Which do you prefer?

Brony said...

How do you know which one to answer too?

Great list of names. Happy TT!

Hulai said...

I so love this Idea!!! Snarf! I loved that show!

Mert said...

Kailani, I actually prefer Mert, I have never really liked my name- but I also love it because my dad gave it to me. But out of all of them I prefer Aury the most. there is something soft and sweet about it that I love. 2 cents said...

Wow, that's alot of nicknames! Some funny ones! Torti, for tortilla, is funny.

Thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen earlier!