Monday, October 09, 2006

Great... the cat too?

Saturday evening we had to go out and get Anna food that she wants to actually eat. Pneumonia can take not only your breath away, but also your appetite, so we basically bought her a bunch of junk to to get her to eat something. I know, this probably isn't going to win me any Blogging Blogrolled Happy Monday Mother of the Month awards (I can dream, can't I?), but it's better than her not eating at all.

To make matters worse, Emma got a flu shot and immunizations on Thursday so she has been running a fever and generally not feeling well all weekend, John was nauseated, and I have been having what I believe to be symptoms of fibroids (family history, I will spare you the details). This last week end, I think the only one feeling normals might have been our beast of a cat, Wolfie.

Before we left home, I made sure to put up the baby gates on the laundry room that is currently Zoey's- "birthday fur ball numero dos"- fortress of solitude. She was able to climb over one, so two would be twice as nice, no? NO. When we got home, she was sauntering about like she owned the joint. I only put the gates up for her protection because our oldest, Numa the 17 year old curmudgeon might hiss/swat her to death; and Wolfie (Beowulf), Sir Fat Tass, might pounce on her. Turns out my so called protection did more harm than good. She probably fell about 5 1/2 feet, which for a normal cat (if such a thing exists) wouldn't be a problem. Our Zoey is only 8 weeks...

She seemed to be fine, but over night her front left paw started to bother her. Sunday she started limping. She has her first kitten appointment tomorrow afternoon but I tried to get her one today- no openings. Looks like she will have to suffer until tomorrow morning, when John can drop her off on his way to work. Our vet said that it is common for kittens to have minor injuries from falls, but she is going to do an xray just to be sure.

The funny thing is that though she would limp on the front left paw but mostly avoided using it if possible, this morning she is standing on it and limping on the other.

John rolled his eyes and said, "What a faker."

Great, our kitten is a hypochondriac. >"<
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amy said...

What great pics..You posted on my blog about being from Maryland. We accidentally went to Chevy Chase Maryland on our trip after visiting the zoo

kailani said...

I thinks she fits perfectly into your family! LOL!

Mert said...

Chevy Chase, not too terribly far from DC, Amy... did you go ? Near there is Bethesda, I was stationed there in the Navy, loved it!

Kailani.... :p LOL!

Sarah said...

That is one sweet kitten!

My cat limped for a whole day, and when I took him to the vet he hopped around fine. I was so mad at him. He's a hypochondriac too. Or maybe cats are just contrary.