Friday, October 13, 2006

Well, Emma's next

Emma has pneumonia now, too. She has had a moist cough for 3 days now, but has only occasionally been running a low grade fever (below 100). Since Anna was diagnosed, I have been keeping a very close eye on Em since she lost her appetite, which is usually the first sign that my kids are about to get sick. Well, that and crankiness.

Today I noticed that she was breathing faster than normal, after I realized her cough sounded worse. This afternoon scared me, her lips became a little gray. In certain light , they looked pale, like she was really not feeling well, in other light they looked dusky. Right away I tickled her to make her laugh, which in turn triggered her cough. Man, did she cough up some stuff!. At first I saw no difference, and I thought to myself that maybe she just isn't feeling well- John's lips get like that when he is sick. After about 2 minutes her lips turned pinker than I have seen them in days.

This nagged at me, I knew I couldn't be imagining that she maybe wasn't getting all the oxygen she needed. There wouldn't have been such a change in color. I made her an appointment for 5:20 this evening with the doctor on call. I told the nurse that if we didn't make it in it would probably be because I took her the ER (if she has another episode like that). I said she seems to be fine now, the nurse agreed that that was a good plan.

My 19 month old had her first xrays, she did surprisingly well- only because I told her we were going to take pictures of her belly, LOL. She is such a ham! She didn't like having her arms held over her head by yours truly, and got a little teary, but all in all it went well.

So now my other baby is on antibiotics twice a day. My poor kids. I had a feeling that she was going to get it, a day before we had Anna treated, Emma took a swig from Anna's milk. Also, no matter how much we told Anna, she always managed to cough in her sisters face. She doesn't get it that even if you cover your mouth, if you are 2 inches from your sisters face she is still going to get some germ-age. Oh well... Anna got to spend that afternoon with her Nana, when we picked he up this evening I made sure to tell her it wasn't her fault that Emma got sick. I could tell she was relieved.

We all have been sick since September 26 , it seems like just when we start to get better we come down with another bug. Bug swapping, that's what it is. Yep, I think we have been alternating hosting each bug, and then pass it on.Since I usually get bronchitis at least once a year- sometimes a mild case and someties a very bad one- I have feeling I am next on the chopping block.


Kailani said...

It's so hard to isolate germs when you have younger children. They're always touching things and sharing. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

scribbit said...

Hope they're feeling better soon, with small ones it seems that the germs just circulate over and over doesn't it?

janice said...

it is so hard when kids are sick!! but don't be hard on yourself - it is next to impossible to keep the germs from other family members.

hope you all are better soon! :)

amy said...

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Dawn said...

Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Karmyn R said...

Oh man - you guys are on the unlucky course for illness this year! I hope the kids get better quickly...

And hey - I just read your Evan H. post too - if Evan comes down with a cold, you all know where he got it from! HEH HEH HEH`

Mert said...

Thank everyone, I really appreciate your support! Anna is much better, and is done with her meds. Emma had to go to th ER last night for having slightly purple lips last night, by the time we got there she was ok, but they didn't even give her a respiratory treatment, which is what I wanted since she seems to be having difficulty getting the gunk out of her chest. She coughs occasionally, but thats it. Soooo... we were in the ER for 4 hours 45 minutes last night. Had a chest xray and blood work done, that's it. The doctor saw her for about 3.5 mintes out of that time, the rest we waied, and saw the physicians asst twice. "Go home, follow up with her MD, continue the antibiotics." Over 4 hours for that crap, at the hospital my husband is an employee of? Emma was there until after 11pm, and was climbing the walls, she was miserable. I would be too if I had someone poking and prodding me roughly every 50 minutes. BAH!

I am practically speechless, but only after having expelled a few thousand choice words. John said he is going to file a complaint, we'll see.

Haha, Karmyn. :P