Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daddy get your gun!

Just 2 weeks ago Anna was saying that Evan H. was her boyfriend. John and I asked her at different times if he knew he was her boyfriend, she said no. We both told her that you can't just tell a boy, you have to ask and see if he wants to be the boyfriend. Now, don't get me wrong... we aren't encouraging this. We had thought at that point that her crush was harmless. I asked her what kinds of things she thought boyfriends and girlfriends did.

"Well, play together... and kiss." *GASP*

I tried to not look stunned and said, "No kissing, you are too young for that, OK?" She nodded.

Anna informed me yesterday as we were out and about that she asked several boys to be her boyfriend, but all of them said no. I asked her about Evan, wasn't he the one she liked? She said he was, so I told her that if you really like a boy, you don't ask everyone else to be your boyfriend.

She sighed, "I just want a boy to like me, and to treat me nice." John and I exchanged sympathetic smiles, then explained to her that she really was too young to have a boyfriend in the first place.

She said OK, then shared with us one more tidbit,"Anna K. (Her friend Anna #2) and Meagan have each kissed a boy."

My eyes leaped from head, and my mouth stood ajar.

"I don't want to hear about you kissing any boys," trying to make it out potentially hazardous to her health, I added, "Besides, a lot of kids in your class have been sick lately... Maybe it's from too much kissin'. You all are passing around the same germs."

She quietly sat in the back seat of our car and gave it some thought. John also sat quiet in thought, then turned to me and mouthed something about us being in trouble, and silently saying for the 40th time that we need to get a gun. The teen years aren't really that far away, but I think we have a few years before we have to even think about it. Besides, we would still have to wait three days, right?

*Makes note to self to revisit the whole gun thingy in 2700 days, 11 hours and 29 minutes, just 3 days before her 13th birthday.*


kailani said...

I know it really isn't funny but it is. When Girlie Girl was 3, she cornered a boy in her class and kissed him on the lips. He ran away and got a tissue to wipe his mouth. She said she was going to marry him and they would both live with us. Hah!

Cece said...

Oh my goodness they start young, don't they? How old is she? I've got an 8y.o. who has a 'boyfriend' named Eddie. I've found love notes the two of the write to eachother. Its cute, now, but I know she's going to be the one I have to worry about. Lord help me...

Mert said...

Ugggh! I don't know what it is about kids these days wanting to grow up so fast! I am seriously rethinking the Disney channel, thats the only thing that She watches! They do have some shows with teen material... Nick too.

Kailani, that is too funny! Boys definitely see girls as potential cootie material until they are about 8, right?

Cece, I know what you mean. My 5 year old insists on wearing her paints at hip level, even though they should be at belly button level. I am forever hiking them up! At 4, she was pulling her sweats down just enough so you could see the edge of her panties, "because thats what they are doing on TV." Like I said before, she watches public TV, Nick or Disney... What am I missing? We don't watch TV around my kids for the most part we tape and watch it later. I have noticed that on some of the Disney channels that the girls doing comercials for their shows try to act sexy. Why would a kid need to see that? I am going to have to keep a close eye on this kids, just as you said about yours.