Friday, October 27, 2006

Light a candle

I was visiting From Tracie's site and saw that she had information about signing a petition to stop Internet child abuse.

I have a really hard time with things of this nature... I am an incest and a child abuse survivor. This is not something that I advertise, but if I feel the need to speak up I do. I know I have addressed this on my blog a few times, but it's not something I am proud of. Actually , in real life I tend to run in the opposite direction at the mention of it.

I cannot watch the news, I am reduced to tears. I have thought to myself at these moments that I wish I could save just one child from this pain, and though I am not a perfect mother, child abuse is always on my mind. I am immobilized at times with grief for the helpless, and I want to save the world, but I cannot. The weight of it is too awesome, it's crushing.

I can only help myself, and my children.

I had been so worried that I too would become a child abuser, and I struggle every day with anger and rage because of my childhood. If only others would realize that this is the link they need to break! Often child abusers were abused themselves, and the abuse stems from undealt with anger... how are you helping the situation if you are making your children feel the same way you did as a child? As parents, we tend to justify our anger. We all do it in one way or another... but abusers they not only justify, the hide the abuse as well.

Everyday I struggle with the pain of my childhood, and some days it is too much to bear. To talk about it is to relive it, and I believe this is why I can't deal with hearing about it on the 6 o'clock news. To know that there are children out there who are suffering as I did, and suffering more than I did... It's too much.

It took a huge amount of courage for me to even click on the link, but I have to try to make a difference. Knowing that my grief is so small compared to the pain that these children experience everyday...

The statistics are staggering. It is painful to look at, let alone even discuss it, BUT if we don't talk about it- who will?

No more hiding, no more fear.

I choose to speak.

It's a struggle yes, but a worthy one. I encourage you to click that link and make a difference, if it saves one child it's worth it.

Light A Candle and save a life.

Thank you Tracie for having the courage to post the information on your blog.

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Tracie said...

I applaude your courage to tell your story and to be so open about this subject. I, too, am a survivor of sexual abuse and I know what you mean about dealing with it every day.

Today, you have done something to fight back. Thank you.