Monday, October 23, 2006

Schmeared with pharmaceuticals , with no end in sight

Ohhhh October, you cheeky month... how you have tormented me so.
With your chill and changing leaves you have brought a pox upon this place.
You are but a frigid shrew, but my eyes and heart are aflame.
I curse thee!
But, shall come to long and lust for your sultry colors once again,
and forever more.

Ok, I'm done with my soap opera Shakespeare.

If you have been wondering why I have had a lack of posts, interest in posts, thinking of posts, thinking about possibly contemplating a post... Here it is. I will lay it out for ya.

End of October -to date: One or more of my household has been sick, probably in every combination possible.

Oct 4: My birthday, got a kitten 50 miles away from where I live.

Oct 6: Anna was diagnosed with pneumonia, 10 days of antibiotics ensue.

Oct 9: Took new kitten to the vet for possible fracture, fro climbing a child safety gate. Well, actually 2, one above the other.

Oct 13:
Emma is diagnosed with pneumonia, 10 days of antibiotics ensue.

Oct 16: Spent a useless 4 hours and 45 minutes in the ER because Emma decided that dusty light blue was her new favorite lip color. No breathing treatment, nada. Well, she did have her blood taken, a rectal temp, and a chest xray. *rolls eyes* Then was sent home without an actual treatment for what ailed her, her lungs. Nice.

Oct 18: Noticed both of my cats were acting poorly, took them to the vet. We thought our old lady kitty was going to have to put down. B12/anti inflammatory/ antibiotic shots, 7 day supply of antibiotics for 9 and 17 year old cats, and vet visit for 2 cats+ 136$
Also, I called the guy who wanted to buy my house to set up an appointment to see the house in day light, no call back.

Oct 19: called the guy again about the house, no call back. I told John that we missed our window, and I was po'd with him for not having made the time to call him in the last 3 weeks.

Oct 20: I finally received my Sims 2 Pets expansion pack, and when I wasn't shoveling antibiotics, cold medicine, or anti-pyretics down someones throat; or force feeding a 5 yr old, a 19 month old, and said elderly cats- I was checking out my new game.
Also, called the not very nice, poop head of a guy about the house, no call back. Admitted defeat shortly thereafter. *sigh* I am really beginning to strongly dislike this house.
Finally, call to cancel the appointment I made for myself to have my "stuff" looked at for suspicion of fibroids ( 2 weeks of cramping, bloating, back pain, 4 months of irregular cycles) because... TMI coming.... I started my cycle 2 days early.

On the day of my GYN appointment. Yeah.

Oct 23: take Anna and Emma to their follow up appointments since they are both done with their meds as of today, but get new meds for the congestion Emma has fro her new cold, and ear discomfort and fluid behind the membrane in Anna's left ear. Oh yeah, and a script for Anna's brand spankin' new bladder infection.

Today I gave:
2 cats and one child antibiotics in the morning
1 toddler cold meds and Tylenol
2 cats and the other kid antibiotics
2 kids antihistamines
1 kid Motrin for leg pain

I have no idea which sticky, pink, fruity/bubble gum flavored splotch on my person is which.

Let's see... Also, this month Emma has learned how to say no and cross her arms, and testing the threat of time out to the very second I stand up to get her- just like her big sister. And she has demonstrated the art of the Pleading Pleasssssse, just like her big sister. When I asked for a smooch yesterday, she said, "Ahhh, no."

Don't mind me, I'm just griping. It hasn't all been that bad...
She can now sing "I wannnnnt daaaat!" to any tune while shopping, and says "peas", "tanks", "oday", and "aw-white". (translation: please, thanks, OK, alright) She can count to ten. Well, sort of: "un, doo, tee, eight, nine", and knows her ABC's : "EFG, EFG, EFG..."

Oh yes, and she now calls me momma occasionally intead of Bubba. :O)


Tracie said...

I hope that everyone gets better and your relationship with the pharmaceuticals can end quickly.

kailani said...

OMG! What is going on over there? I heard about spreading germs but this is a little too much! Hope you all are feeling better very very very soon!