Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am in love...

With Fall! There is just something about Fall that fills me with joy.

Maybe it's the colors that Fall brings, they are so romantic! These colors always remind me of the love and warmth of family gatherings. Fall hues also remind me of a cozy fire; it's flames casting a glow over the room, burnished cheeks and sparkling eyes.

It could be the memories that make me love Fall so; memories of walks through crackling leaves, with the promise of hot chocolate upon returning home. There is nothing I love more than to feel the warmth of the sun my back, and a chill on my nose.

*I wonder what it is about Fall that makes us suddenly crave pumpkin and cinnamon, and marshmallows and yams.*

I often fantasize in the heat of summer about how the sun seems to light a Fall tree from within. I long for lingering sunsets, and the elegant shadows that trees make in the waning light. I can imagine my sweaters waking from their hibernation, lumbering from their cardboard dens; and the southern migration of winter shoes from my attic, down to their secluded nests of our closets.

The changing leaves mean many things to me, and I couldn't ever choose one favorite thing about Fall. I love it all.


Polly said...

I so agree. Fall just affects all of my senses at once. I love the fires, the cool brisk evenings, the colorful leaves. It's the best season of all to me. So many different things bring back memories of camping trips, leaf peeping trips, sitting by fires and roasting marshmellows. I love the change of seasons. By winter I'll be wishing for warmer weather so I can head out to the beach again, but for now I'm enjoying everything Fall has to offer. We just had our first Nor'easter as we call them here. Lots of wind and rain, but much cooler temperatures. It's definitely Fall.

kailani said...

You're so lucky. We don't really have a changing of the leaves here. I get to see it on layovers but I wish Girlie Girl could see it, too.

Dawn said...

I love this time of the year. It's still warm here, but we're starting to cool down somewhat.

Pass the Torch said...

Great post. Today's very dreary and most of the leaves have now fallen of their branches, but we've been enjoying autumn too. I never used to enjoy anything but summer. But now I like the change.

Love your hypochondriac cat too;)

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