Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteen things I thought to myself last night, TT#6

Thirteen Things Mary thought to herself last night

We went shopping last night to get Anna some more long sleeve shirts at Kohls. As we were leaving, the door unexpectedly snapped back and caught John at the shoulder... So here are the thoughts that stomped around in my brain at 8:10 last night. All I can say in my defense is that I know my limitations, and did the best I could. :O)

Don't judge me. :OP

1. Yes, adorably stubborn husband, we need to have them file a report in case you have problems with your shoulder later.

2. I hope the manager hurries, we have to go

3. Yes, it is worth the sweltering heat of my coat, and holding my 20 lb toddler
for going on... 15 minutes?

4. No, dear husband, We ARE NOT LEAVING until she writes this up.

5. Is she thinking that she can wait us out, and we will just leave?

6. If she knew me , she would know that she is messing with the wrong momma.

7. She better get up here soon, I have to get these kids to bed

8. Hmmmm, the cashier that called the manager is avoiding eye contact

9. I am going to stand in front of this cashier until she calls the manager again, because if I open my mouth I am going to get myself in trouble.

10. Girlfriend, you did the right thing by picking up the phone.

11. Yeah sure, she'll be right here. That's what you said the first time.

12. Don't you walk up here like that, with that stupid grin on your face like you didn't keep us waiting for 20 minutes!

13. This one I shared with John as we were leaving, he burst into laughter and whole-heartedly agreed: It's a good thing I decided to sit down on the uncomfortable bench with the kids at the entrance , because I would have ripped her a new one!

And so you know I am a hot head, hence the name Almost Somewhat Positive. ;O)

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Kimba said...

totally cracked me up this morning! Thanks!! Oh, and I hope hubby's shoulder is ok!

Stop by!

Sarah said...

You did the smart thing. My boyfriend got hit in the face last fall and had to get stitches when a door unexpectedly swung back... one of those ones that you expect to go slowly, but something was wrong with it and it hit him above the eye. It was at the Boston Bruins' arena, and now we don't really have a legal recourse to get the bills paid because we didn't take action soon enough.

Hope his shoulder is better!

Chaotic Mom said...

GOOD FOR YOU for filing that "report"! Very frustrating. I would even considering complaining up the food chain about how long it took for them to respond.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen, too. ;)

Lindsey said...

Congrats on keeping your cool and getting it taken care of! Happy TT!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I'm getting there nowadays too. Short patience with stupid people. It's like I've seen it too much in my life and it's up to my ears by now :-)

BTW: I love your blog header, so simple and clean but beautiful!

kailani said...

Remind me to never piss you off! LOL!

Michelle said...

this one made me laugh out loud it did!

scribbit said...

I love the pear and daisy on your header, they'.re so beautiful

Christine said...

I don't know how you stayed so calm. I try to remain calm in situations like this but my mouth always gets the better of me. I hope your hubby's shoulder is ok!

Mert said...

Thanks everyone! My husbands shoulder is fine, but I just knew that if we didn't have a report filed, our luck it would start hurting and we would be up a creek.

Also, I am stubborn as all get out! The manager had no idea that I was willing to stay until closing if need be, but I am sure I would have gone postal by then. Usually, I am quick to anger and get quite mouthy when I think there has been an injustice done or experience just plain rudness.

Sometimes being positive , or in this case abstaining from negativity is a chore. It goes against my very being! If only everyone treated each other with common curtesy- meaning sometimes you just have to bite your tounge - the world would be so much more enjoyable. Well, at least tolerable. :O)

Mert said...

Oh yeah, Kailani... I don't think you could ever p' me off LOL! If you do, I will let you know*cheeky grin*

Jenny Ryan said...

Ugh! Glad you could find some humor in all of that.

Thanks for visiting my TT this week :)