Thursday, October 19, 2006

13 things I can now say with a Midwestern accent, TT #7

Thirteen Things Mary can now say with a Midwestern accent

I am from Maryland originally, but now live in Iowa, where my husband if from. I would like to say that this has all happened since moving to Iowa from the Bay Area in SF about 5 years ago, but to tell you the truth- after 17 years of marriage you tend to pick a thing or two from the other half.

1. Ahn: Do you want the TV ahn?

2. Pohtaytohs: How about those mashed pohtaytohs!

3. Paynts: I just bought these paynts.

4. Aherrh: Aherrh those paynts from Taherrhget?

5. Caherrh: I really need to wax the caherrh, but I would hate to get it ahn my new Taherrhget paynts.

6. Jahn: You've met my husband Jahn, haven't you?

7. Mahhm: Jahn, tell your mahhm we'll be there at eight. I'll bring the pohtaytohs.

8. Pahhp: I refuse to call it pahhp, it's soda.

9. Aiahna: My daughter Aihna loves chocolate just as much as I do.

10. Stahhp: Stahhp playing with your pohtaytohs, before you get them ahn your paynts.

11. Gaherrhbige: Put out the gaherrhbige on your way out, will you?

12.Dahern: Dahern, I just said pahp.

13.Ough myeee gash: Ough myee gash! Did you see all the pie your mahhm ate?

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Shannon said...

Great list and great blog. I'm sure to come back!

Happy Thursday!

maggie said...

Funny. Great looking blog.


Anne said...

What a great list!! I love it.
Happy Thursday!

amy said...

love it..this is a great blog..happy thursday

Chaotic Mom said...

You had me laughing my ass off with this list! it is SO TRUE!!!!! I'm originally from WI, now living around Philly. So I could probably write a list opposite of yours. Man, this was SO FUNNY! The movie Fargo made me laugh for the same reason. I actually KNOW people like that!!!!!

Tug said...

FUNNY! People still say I have a Montana accent & I haven't lived there for 100 years...and really - MT ACCENT?

Happy TT!

Jenny Ryan said...

So funny! Thanks :)

kailani said...

That's pretty good! I bet it was hard to write phonically (sp? ~ hooked on phonics)

Just Expressing Myself said...

Now that's a creative 13.
Love your blog.
The kitty in the pan of food pic is so cute I had to come back and see it again.
My TT is up.
See you next week.

scribbit said...

Yea, we lived in North Dakota for a few years so we also got a touch of the Canadian thing. Aboot for about and all that. You betcha!

Norma said...

This is so funny. I grew up in Illinois and never noticed. But we do say warsh and Warshington.

My TT is up.

DKRaymer said...

Great list! I live in a tourist town and hear accents from all over! Funny how you can tell where a person's from by the way they talk. Have a fabulous weekend!

Cece said...

OMG that was too funny! Thanks for the chuckle

Michelle said...

That was very amusing - I can sort of relate, in that I'm American but live in London!

Hulai said...

That is so funny! I am a Texas Transplant to Nebraska, and this all sounds so familiar! Although my accent is pretty bad my self!

Nathalie said...

I love this list! Funny how you spelled it all, I'm not from the USA, but I can really imagine what it sounds like :)