Tuesday, October 10, 2006

19 months, and already a sense of humor

Yesterday, as I told Emma to stop one of the many naughty activities she would have me chasing her around for, Emma looked at me out the corner of her eye with a hint of mischief. Pause... Then she said what had me running to the kitchen so that she wouldn't see me laughing.


As in, "I am so annoyed that you wont let me put my toys in the cat's water bowl. Again!"

Later while she and I snuggled on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast, she had me reeling from laughter, again. If you have seen the movie- which BTW, is one of my all time favorite animated Disney films- then you will recognize the scene I am about to describe.

There is a part of the movie where the Beast is trying his hardest to woo Belle, and he decides to gussy up a bit. He gets a trim and takes a bath, and after his bath his hall tree (coat rack) is toweling him off. With his back to the viewer and a towel being tugged over his hind quarters, Emma points to the screen and says one precious, hilarious word.



kailani said...

I wonder what "dada" thought about the comparison? LOL!

Cece said...

Too cute! I love them when they're that little. Awww...

amy said...

I totally enjoyed that..Did you design your template?

Mert said...

Kailani, he didn't like it at all. He especially didn't like it when I shared it with his coworker, LOL.

Actually he thought it was cute and funny, but not that funny. :D

Thanks Cece! I can atest to the fact that lack of size in no way diminishes the amout of feistiness. ;O)

Thanks Amy! No I didn't make the template, I only tweaked it to my liking. You can check out this template and others from the creator at http://pinkfreak.niftykeen.net/design/

MGM said...

Reminds me of the time my daughter was about your daughter's current age and was playing with my old circa 1970's Fisher Price little people doll house. Some pieces were missing, including the "Daddy" piece. But for some reason I had two of the dog pieces. Daughter was really troubled that the whole family was able to sit around the table to eat except for "Daddy," so I picked up one of the dog pieces and suggested it could be "Daddy." From that point on she would pick up the dog piece and say "Dada!"

I thought it was hysterical. My husband, however, was not quite so amused! HA!

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