Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I need help...

No- not like that.

OK, maybe... :O) No really, I have a problem with making decisions. I can't. I mean I do eventually, but usually after a lot procrastinating and worrying about making the wrong choice.

Even over silly things like blog templates. As you know, I have only been blogging for almost a year and my template has changed at least 7 times. It's like me and moving, I get the itch to move about every 2-3 years. Anyway... I love the cow, but I need something lighter to suit my mood. This one is a little too dark for me anymore.

I love to rip apart templates to see if I can make them Blogspot friendly, but I can't decide. Help! I am going to let you guys decide. Click them to see more detail. *edit: I am updating the tallies to see which one is going to make the cut :O) *

1. OK, first we have a sweet little alligator. :D See the template in action here. I will probably have to rip it, and rebuild so it wont look exactly like that. Votes: 5

2. This one is called Spring... so ready. Can't find the preview, sorry

3. Beautiful disaster, simple colors yet intricate pattern. Votes: 5
Sorry guys, about taking this one out of the running, it has frames which I hate. That means that my blog content would actually have scroll bars on it, eccch. I didn't realize until I tried it out.

4. Another intricate pattern, but monochromatic. Springy!

5. Joyride, old looking (like me), funky (like me, more ways than one), and a little strange (um, like me). I luff it!
Votes: 2

6.Perky, pretty, light and fluffy... too perky? rip, rip... Votes: 1

7. Also light and fluffy, pink, simple. Too pink? Is there such a thing? Votes: 2

8.Hmmm... Almost Somewhat Positive comes to mind. :D
Votes: 2

9.Here is another one that makes me think of ASP... I really like this one. I wuv wainbows, can you tell? I wuv kittens too, but no kittens this time :D Votes: 2
10. There is a sexy black cat though. I have this in a desktop wallpaper... it's fun-kay, and has a black cat like my momma kitty Numa.

OK, now that I have bored the pants off of you, tell me. PLEASE! Help me. I can't choose. Those of you who have the same problem as me, and have trouble deciding what shade of blue socks will perfectly match your sweater... need not attempt it. :OP

Oh, you know who you are ;O)


tiggerprr said...

I kind of like #9 myself. I'm having a bit of the same issue. I like my theme, but it's just a modified template, I want something that's "me". But I'm scared to break my site. LOL

Oh, I like the gator one too, because I like animules so much! But other than cute factor, I am not sure how you'd tie him into your site's "theme" unless maybe you had a way to illustrate you sticking your head in his mouth while giving a thumbs up sign. LOL

mark said...

1) My pants are still on

2) I'm colorblind so I have no problem picking which socks match my sweater - it's everyone else who thinks I've chosen wrong

3) I vote for Beautiful Disaster.

local girl said...

Well, you know which one I would pick! hee hee.

But for you, I kind of like the alligator one. It's fun!

Karmyn said...

Decisions Decisions -

I really like the gator one.

I really like the VW bug one - of course I'm partial to those having driven one for 9 years.

I also like the Beautiful disaster

maggie said...

Oh god. Paul loves to say to me to make a F**& decision in my life and I'll give you a quarter to make a freaken decision. Well, my opinion not that it matters or I have taste is the girl on the swing under the clouds. I also like the drippy rainbow.

You know this is only going to make it worse. Everyone is going to pick one or two and before you know it you'll have them all on the list again to choose from. LOL

I got a quarter for you.

Holly said...

ROFL - dear, you need an outlet for your creativity....LOL I channeled most of mine into site templates for our adoption site and it was a wonderful release! LOL - Now for the ones at hand here the gator talks to me. I like the colors - frogs and sunflowers would work too. I hear you on making decisions though, I play with template ideas for the overall look of many sites ALL THE TIME. ;o)

Holly's Corner

Mert said...

Dern, I should have posted a poll, LOL! Thanks for all of your votes, I am going to make a score board.

Ammy, I like your idea, I may have to at least photoshop a arm coming out of his mouth, one that is holding a chocolate bar.

Mark, glad I didn't bore the pants off of you. pants are good, though I would settle for sweatpants.

LG, I knew you would like the pink one.

Karmyn, I didn't know you drove a Bug for 9 years . Cool!

Maggie, I have an awful feeling that you are right... the gator is winning our so far it seems though. I'll take your quarter and put it in my "boob job" savings jar. It's all the rage you know. Only $5, 999.75 to go.

Holly, I would love to actually make some of my own, but don't really know anything about html. Except for what I have learned in the last year jacking up my blog, LOL!

Karianne said...

Joyride has my vote. Very cool and retro.

Tonya said...

I like Beautiful Disaster. It kinda looks like my background on myspace.

my 2 cents said...

Wow, I can finally post on your blog again!!

My favorite of these is the alligator one! I love it!! If you decide you don't want to use it, I would love to use it myself! :) That's how much I like it.

My other 2 favorites are numbers 6 and 7. Really cute!

Celeste said...


Robin said...

Will you keep the same name? Pink seems to fit that, but I like the gator and disaster, too. Because you know I can't have "just one". ;)

Pamela said...

the rainbow.. either one. I prefer the big one.

blogger is hungry today. ate all my previous comments. chomp