Sunday, January 21, 2007

Miscellaneous Soup

*This post is long, and is chock full of fruit and nuts, so keep reading if your bored.*

We are taking a break from You had me at "you kind of annoy me" to bring you the following messages...

If you have never visited Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, I can honestly say you don't know what you're missing. Yesterday I finally got around to making these cinnamon rolls.

As I said on her blog yesterday, my husband was as bad as my 5 year old... pacing back and forth, asking every 1/2 hour or so how much longer it would be before they would be done. When I started adding the yeast, his eyes lit up as he asked me if I was making the rolls that we had drooled over merely by looking at the pictures.

I am ashamed to say that I may have told Ree that I loved her, in her cinnamon roll post's comments. The sugar made me do it. That's dang good these things are. Though the recipe may seem intimidating if you are not a baker, it was very easy... the hardest part was waiting for them to finish cooking. If you want to try some insanely delicious cinnamon rolls, I promise you wont be disappointed. They are so good, that i felt a little dirty afterwards... IF ya know what I mean.

My only problem now is that my whole family- including the MIL- have made it perfectly clear to me that "once you go cinny roll 'crack', you never go back", and that the cans with the pastey doughy guy will most certainly never, ever do. Again. I am so screwed, which-by the way- were my husband's and MIL's exact words shortly after warm, buttery, cinnamon goodness crossed their lips.

In other news (in my world anyway), I am surprised at the responses that I have gotten from my own personal soap opera. Thanks to everyone who has read parts one and two, and to those that have had such encouraging words for me. Thank you, so much! Just so you know... I have part three written, I will be posting it in a day or two. I really need to get a'crackin' on part four!

Also, I am co-winner of a coloring contest at Dirty Uncle Mark's. If you want to see some really cute kid's entries... and a few twisted adult entries, click on the link above.

At A Dingo's Got My Barbie I won a prize by default, and by no effort on my part... Default is Willow Tree's, he forgot to mention me in the "This is BIG, name that mystery item" post contest wrap up. Basically he felt sorry for me. As I wrote in a email I sent him, I'll take that stubbie holder and cherish it, simply because the Mexican in me can't turn down a free offer. There I said it. "I'm Mexican as h#ll, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

I don't really know what means. I just liked saying it.

For hate mail and flaming, please send an addressed postcard to:

Almost Somewhat Positive
c/o Mert
1/2 Mexican Way
Cow Tipper, Iowa 12345

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting their first annual Ultimate Blog Party.

Quoted from their site:
The Christmas decorations are packed away, the party season is over and we still have two long months of winter stretching out before us…We need something to shake things up. So pull out your prettiest dress, get your hair done, and come on over!

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting The Ultimate Blog Party!

This will be the place to be. Get your blog noticed, win prizes, hang out with your friends and meet some new ones.

Just to clarify, everyone is invited, regardless of parental status, gender, religious affiliations, etc. This party is about having fun with friends and meeting new people.
Also, if you would like to be a part of Local Girl's Valentine's Day Goody Swap head on over and check it out.
Quoted from LG's site:
I was going to make it a candy swap but thought I’d broaden the options.

Here’s how it works:

If you’d like to participate, just add your link to the Mr. Linky below. You have until January 31st to sign-up.
You will be sending your package to the person next in line. For example, I will sign up first and send my package to the 2nd person who signs up, the 2nd person will send to the 3rd, and so on. The last person will send a package to me. Got it?
In order to try and get to know each other better, I have posted a questionnaire in hopes we learn a little more about you. You can post your answers on your blog or in comments...Read more!
Visiting Pioneer Woman's blog has inspired me to take more pictures. Though I am no Ree, and my digital camera sucks (it's an old Polaroid with a 2.1 mega pixel resolution, my hubs is saving up for a new one which is 10 mega pixels), I am trying to post more pictures of my own little circus.

This one is for all of you guys that said they would love to see the Mini Mini-Me with her sisters undies on her head... She did this on her own, I promise. Regretting that I had decided against capturing that moment for its entertainment possibilities, when the opportunity presented itself I snapped a few pics.

I think she is thinking, "One fine day, my mommy will show my boyfriend these, and I will be so proud..." She just doesn't know, she doesn't know at all. :O)

Also, this last week while making a few hundred " My sweet chocolate love" graphics, and noticing how chocolate and PMS are so connected and related that they are 3rd cousins... I recognized signs of PMS is this little creature. How very appropriate!

Here, Zoey sits in a moment of quiet contemplation, taking a breather between her penciled in "torture appointments". The last week, she has been very *not nice person*'y, and has been a complete bipolar psycho. She is getting snipped next weekend, thank the Lord. Numa, the 17 year old feline matriarch, has been having sympathy PMS, and has been grabbing any stuffed animal she can get her mouth around and yeowling like she is in heat. That shipped has sailed, Numa. Let it go.

Speaking of underwear... as I was snapping this picture, I thought to myself,"You put your under

I am choosing to believe that whatever she could possibly have deposited on my dishes, my family has already been exposed to that... only a hundred times over.

So that about wraps up my week, how was yours?


mark said...

Very Nice Pics! Those cinnamon rolls have been haunting me since I first saw them at Ree's. I don't dare make them and fall victim to the same fate as your family - addicted to the cinnimony goodness.

Willowtree said...

I have been reading the Soup Opera that is you life, it's just that I'm not real good at that whole positive reinforcement thing, but I figure you already know that.

A word of advice: when thinking about a new digital camera, bear in mind that a large pixel capacity just makes for a large file. What you really need to look for is the one with the most optical zoom capability. Mine is 10x and it means you can get close without even moving. Don't be fooled by digital zoom, that's just software tricks.

Pamela said...

ha to the cat in the cupboard. I had a roamer like that -- I would crash into an open cupboard door where the towels were, because she would climb up on the drawer handles and bat bat bat with her paw until it came open. Then she would crawl into the towels and snuggle.

I've had mice in my lower kitchen cupboards this week so I have been bleaching everything and have 3 mouse traps set..... one caught so far

I've made the rolls, too. I had trouble with the butter.... it was everywhere but where it should be

Slackermommy said...

Love the undies on the head! My kids do the same thing. I have a photo posted somewhere on my blog.

Susan in va said...

My kids put underwear on their heads, too! What's up with that? Every time I take the laundry out of the dryer, Funny Girl goes STRAIGHT for the undies! Straaannge!

I've been dying to make Ree's cinnamon rolls, but I'm afraid that my hips won't forgive me :(

Congrats on your contest winning spree! I went through that a couple of months ago! I've somehow managed to win two of Ree's contests and one of Swampwitch's! Blogging was quickly becoming a lucrative profession....then I hit a dry spell. Oh, well. Better luck next month.

Tee said...

I came over from "My 2 cents" because I liked your chocolate graphics. (This doesn't bode well for me in the case that a stranger tries to lure me to their car, does it?) :D

I like your blog. Nice template and content, great pics, likeable person. Nice to "meet" you :)

Karmyn R said...

I just read your soap opera - wow. I can't wait to read more. I realize now how blessed I was to have loving parents.

Cats in the cupboard - mine is usually found in the linen closet laying on top of the clean towels.

Holly said...

Okay I'm totally following your personal soap opera and guess I need to join the ruined club for good c-rolls 'cause those are dh's favorites! I figure I've already ruined us for the good stuff with dinners...why stop there?? LOL

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