Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If I were born as an appliance...

Today I wasn't feeling so hot. Yeah, I know, I have been complaining a lot lately. It's just ... When you are so busy taking care of sick kids, moms can be an after thought. Anyway, after having an upset stomach today, I got to wondering why that would be. I made a mental list of all the things I had eaten today:

7am: 1/2 donut Emma didn't eat (sick food...), 1 gallon of coffee

10am: A 1/2 sandwich in hopes that my toddler Emma would eat something so she could take some Ibuprofen for ear pain. I knew she would eat something if I did because she is such a mooch.

1pm: A chicken hot pocket and 2 chicken nuggets, and a 1/5 of an apple sauce cup (which was so not worth it) again trying to get the munchkin to eat something. anything.

2pm: 1/3 of a granola bar and gave the other 2/3s to mini moochers, Anna and Emma.
2:15pm: Another 1/3 " " " " " ".

Well, heck! I'm a garbage disposal! How many times have I cut back on my meals just to eat my kids left overs, just so food doesn't go to waste? I have issues with food. I'll admit it, and I have a problem with throwing food away. Don't get me wrong, I usually throw stuff out before it even hits a week old. I realized though that this might be why my stomach wasn't feeling so well today. I need to feed my family more healthful foods, but it's hard when your 5 yr old announces every 3.25 days that she no longer likes this/that/the other. I've known that though I take good care of my family, poor nutrition is a big culprit in kids becoming sick. To top it all off, my dear husband doesn't like seafood or pork, and I get tired of eating mac and cheese, ya know?

I bought my daughter a Better Homes and Garden Kid's cookbook. There are a lot of great ideas in there, almost all of them very healthy. She is pretty excited about having her own cookbook, and we went over a few recipes for snacks that she would like to make mostly by herself- but with supervision of course.

That doesn't solve my "Midwestern State of Mind" husband's problem. The guy is hard to cook for. There are a few things I cook that he loves, but it gets old. He's not very adventurous when it comes to food... He is self sufficient though, and could live off of Pop Tarts, cereal, instant oatmeal and toast. I am just going to have to set aside more time for meal plans, and figure it out. I think I will try to gear the meals mostly towards the ankle biters, and sneak in a "daddy meal" at least 3 times a week. Which will work out perfectly, because he likes about 3 things: Meat loaf/mashed potatoes/cream corn, Chili, and chicken enchiladas.

OK, I exaggerate... there a a few more.

Shortly after thinking about all of this, and laughing to myself that I was and have been a garbage disposal as of late- what other appliances I could be.

A carpet steamer- constant cleaning of spills on carpets and upholstery.

A dish washer- but no matter how hard I try, I always miss a spot.

A vacuum- sometimes spinning in my tracks to pick up odd and numerous types of debris, and sometimes having to quit my whining and just "suck it up".

A garbage disposal- grinding up leftovers, and sometimes feeling like my pipes might be clogged.

And last but not least... An answering machine- I may greet you with a corny line, put the pressure on you to tell me something witty, leave you with uncomfortable silences and sometimes leave you with a ringing in your ears.

What appliance or electronics would you be?


Karmyn R said...

Appliance? - nah, I think the word "automatan robot" fits nicely.

And as far as eating goes - I think I've lucked out with hubby's. His parents were "old school". He had to eat whatever was put in front of him....he still does (with little or no complaining).

My children have the "one bite" rule. I don't care how disgusting it is - they have to take one bite and then I'm satisfied.

Holly said...

ROFL - great post dear. I'd add to the list:

"microwave" - it's all about instant meeting of everyone's needs.

"refrigerator" - how come everyone comes to me for snacks and rejuvenation? My energy is zapped with constant door opening....LOL

Holly's Corner

Karianne said...

I have had to think about this one all day.

Coffee maker: needed to keep the family active throughout the day

copy machine: I just seem to do the same chores repeatedly. time after time after time.