Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Perfect Post for January

I know some of you may have already read this but I needed to post it again since January is coming to a close, and all of the nominees will be listed at Petroville on February 1st. :O)

On January 3rd, Swampwitch wrote about her sweet pup Junior who passed on. If you haven't read it already you really should, her post is so moving.

Every month at Petroville, they allow bloggers to nominate other bloggers for a Perfect Post award. Though only 3 days into January, I knew that Swampy's post was indeed perfect, and that I wouldn't find another post like it for a long time.

I emailed Swampwitch the other day to let her know how much her post meant to me, and I would like to share what I wrote her, as I can't think of a better way to put it.

Hi Swampy,

I just wanted to let you know how much your post about Junior meant to me. At Petroville they hold a Perfect Post Awards every month, and anyone can nominate a any blogger who they think are deserving, for writing a post that is perfect in every way.

Though I know your pain and grief are still fresh, I just wanted to say that I think that your post about Junior was wanting of nothing. It is and was perfect, just like your love for him. Though I have only been reading your blog for a bit, your post moved me to tears and eventually anguish (like pretty much everyone else). I didn't put that in my comment because I didn't want to make it about me. :O) Having lost 4 cats in the past, I so knew your pain.

Anyway, this is the comment I left at Petroville explaining why I thought you are deserving.

"I would like to present the Perfect Post Award to Swampwitch. Her post talks about having to say goodbye to her sweet baby boy Junior, her Boxer. This moment in time brought tears to my eyes, and every single person who read it, and it is a tribute to love that can never be forgotten. Anyone who has been owned by a pet will understand the pain and beauty that Swampwitch shared with Junior, and with us. I really hope you will read this entry, thanks!"

I my mind and heart, you deserve this award because you were able to share his life with your readers with such eloquence. You shared the sadness of his passing, but most importantly you celebrated the beauty of his life.

I hope you will accept this award, knowing that I wish to in no way diminish his importance, but celebrate it as you did.

Mary mert

Please, if you have the time, head over and read Swampwitch's post. It will do your heart some good.

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I tagged you for a meme.

...Btw, I'll catch up on my blog reading as soon as I can. Things are crazy right now, now that I've started a new job. I have hardly any internet time right now :(