Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random Thursday Thoughts

**If you are reading this in Bloglines, some of the things below are NOT going to show up. :O) Go to my blog for the full post.**

First off, my Aunt Yvonne commented on my blog for the first time today! My Aunt looked after me while I lived with her and my grandparents while the egg donor (my mother) was committed (yes, the funny farm). My aunt has been one of the few positive role models in my life over the years. I am lucky to have her in my gene pool. She's been reading my blog for about 6 months now at least, and thought I would not be quite as honest if I knew she was still reading. Anyway, Thanks ANTI Yvonne :O) Love ya!

This morning while John was getting ready for work, but still hadn't dressed, I walked by John and smacked his butt, our favorite sport. Emma said, "Smack butt?" and I told her to go ahead. Though I know he will most certainly strangle me later for posting this... Emma took a good look at her dad's bum and shook her head "no" while saying "Blahhhhhgh".

Not only once, but walked out then back into the room for a second opinion. Another "blahhhgh". :D I assured him that I still thought his butt is cute, and that's all that matters.

Usually, I am pretty shy about putting new ideas on my blog... I'm an insecure idiot! (I'm not fishing here, I promise... I would love your honest opinion).

I was thinking, since there simply aren't enough enough memes out there*snort*... maybe I could start my own. I was thinking Sound Byte Saturday(or Soundbyte.. which is it? How can I start a meme thingamajig if I don't even know how to spell it?) .

For Sound Byte Saturday you could post a video or audio clip on your blog to best sum up your mood for the past week (Sound Byte Of The Week), or just for Saturday (Saturday Sound Byte). For instance, if today were Saturday I could post this song on my blog to sum up my Love Fest for the MISU:

Ice Cream
By Sarah McLachlan

OR This:

OR This, because.... I like to let my inner goof ball out occasionally. OK, more than occasionally.

I know, Corny Much? ;O) Basically anything that has sound... PG 13 though. If you want, you can explain your choice of Sound byte, or not... and let us figure it out for ourselves. :O)

What do you guys think? Comment if you are interested in doing this on Saturdays... I will start it and have a Mr Linky to sign up here. I will post the details later, including links to music/video code sites and how to turn off auto play.

Now go comment already! :O)


Susan in va said...

I think it's a GREAT idea! And if I figure out how to do it, I'm in! With my mediocre computer skills, I will probably figure it out by next weekend.....who am I kidding? I'll do what I always do - call my Dad and beg him to do it for me. (*sigh*)

I LOVE SpongeBob!!!! Sometimes I think I'm the only mom alive that doesn't get insanely irritated with him! I've seen the video before - I laughed the first time....and again this time!

(*insert SpongeBob laugh here*)

Tonya said...

sounds like fun....guess I could figure out how to insert a soundbyte. Sometimes I struggle with getting my Photo Hunt picture up, so I may not make the meme every week but I'll try!

maggie said...

Sounds like fun. I'm always struggling for posts on the weekends. I'm already thinking of my song for the week.

Mert said...

Cool! I am going to get some info together. :O)

Pamela said...

come on over and teach me how to do this.

local girl said...

Sounds like a good idea. I'm always looking for things to post on the weekends.

Karmyn said...

I'll do it if I can remember. But - this weekend is a "no" because I'm ....HEY - Soundbite:

"leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again."

Okay - I'm not leaving on a jetplane but in my taking a road trip, but you get it.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

that is a fun idea! i might just join in on that!

Your comment was GREAT today - Loved the sticky part! Thank you for your prayers. :)

Judy Callarman said...

I think a Soundbite Saturday is an excellent idea! However, I'm not going to commit myself to it. There are at least thirteen reasons why I don't really have time to do the Thursday Thirteen--although I squeeze it in. I guess it's a matter of priorities! Thanks for visiting mine--

You are very fortunate to have had your aunt as a positive important part of growing up. Some people don't have any! God was taking care of you.

my 2 cents said...

It sounds like a great idea. I would be interested in doing it. I've never posted music or videos on my blog, so yeah, I will need to the details you're going to post later.