Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm it again, dang it!

Please scroll down for my Wordless Wednesday, and for a post asking YOU to help me.

Just kidding! I love telling you guys about my weirdness. But only when you ask me to, right?

I was tagged my mi amiga, My Two Cents to tell you 6 weird things... Believe it or not, I am running out of weird things to tell you about. *Ponders a bit*

1. I like to sing in silly voices, my favorite is a goofy falsetto.

2. I do this because it amuses me, but my family thinks it's for their entertainment. By the way, they aren't very entertained by it anymore*snort*.

3. I used to collect things when I worked because I have OCD, but can't afford to anymore and have cut myself off from collecting. I would obsess about one thing, then eventually get tired of it and move on. Tea cups, lipstick, perfume, purses, shoes, Boyd's Bears, art supplies...I still have OCD, I just obsess about buying my kids stuff now. I still struggle with it, and it annoys me.

4. I am obsessed with the PC game The Sims 2, though my obsession for blogging and Photoshopping has temporarily taken it's place. I have downloaded thousands and thousands of user created content to put in my game, to the point that my game wouldn't load. I have made things for the game including walls and floors, area rugs, neighborhoods, houses, and pets. The little animated movie of the chick eating pizza at the bottom of my blog is Sim Me. Sim Me is chunky like the real me, with freckles. All you Sim Freaks out there, let me hear you HOLLA! OK, I am probably freaking you out right now... moving right along...

5. I MUST eat something sweet, usually chocolate, after eating something spicy.

6. Cats and children are usually drawn to me. Probably because they can feel that I find cuties- fur or not- irresistible. this was the case when we were infertile, which made our infertility even more heart breaking.

There... that wasn't so hard! Since most of the bloggers I know have already done this and sometimes many times over- or they simply choose to share their weirdness on a regular basis, I wont be tagging anyone. I had fun doing it My Two Cents, thanks for tagging me! :D


VICKI said...

I played Sims for awhile. It was very addicting! LOL I also went through a Zelda phase about 8 years ago. That was VERY addicting also!

tiggerprr said...

My daughter likes Sims a LOT...I want to get her the Pet expansion. I want to play it too, she tried to teach me and got impatient when I couldn't do something fast enough and we had a little meltdown. LOL Should I be worried that she likes to build little SIM worlds and think of creative ways to kill them? It's an evil streak we both share...I personally like Zoo Tycoon...and picking up disgruntled guests and dropping them into the shark tanks. I'd never do that IRL of course. ::looks around::

mark said...

I do my best to stay away from computer games like the Sims that would hook me and subsequently ruin my life. I just don't have time for that. Too many blogs to read, not enough time.

Mert said...

Vicki, have you played TS2, it's way more fun.

Tiggerprr, take your time with the Sims... it's a lot to take in but very fun. If all else fails, I can send you a basic strategy guide that I have to get you going. :O) Pets is a lot of fun, though I was bummed that the cats options (vs dogs)are limited as far as creating one from scratch. Is she excited about the new Seasons ex-pack? we have been waiting for weather forever... since TS1. I like Zoo Tycoon, but I seem to like the original better... maybe it's just me, but I liked the little pixels better and the controls on the newer version seem harder to work. I haven't played it much. I love the dinos in the original version.

Mark, yup... you would be without much sleep. keep the addictions down to one, otherwise be ready to give up sleepZZZZZzzzzzzzzz*snort* Huh?

Pamela said...

I remember the very first SIM CITY that came out for one of our game programs (I can't remember what it was it was soooo long ago)
my family all got hooked.
I must have been busy doing something else (tetrus?) .... and never got into it.

My hubby is already threatening to take my blogging license away - I'm ignoring him with my face in the computer.

I was so excited just now to have internet access and not "url not found" response
a couple of days of server problems made me a basket case