Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday 13 # 20, Thirteen things I will love about blogging in the future.

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Thirteen Things that Mary will like about blogging in the future.

I was recently reading a post about older bloggers, and how some older folks are really intimidated by computers and refuse to touch one. This got me to thinking about blogging in the future...

1. Since in the future everything will require Voice Recognition Activation, there will be no need for the dreaded WORD VERIFICATION.

2. Also, since every mode of transportation will have it's own computer, and surfing the web while traveling will be second nature, Blogging can and will be done any where.

3. Of course this will mean that blogging will be done by voice command. Keyboards and mice will no longer exist.

4. Corrections will automatically be made for the punctuation, spelling and grammar-ly challenged.

5. You will have the option to communicate by video phone with other bloggers in real time or recorded message while you comment on their blog.

6. This means that either way, reading someone's blog will be or seem to be in real time. You will get to see what they are doing while blogging.

7. Since some of us like to blog in yesterday's pajamas, there will also be an option for a Cyber You, meaning that there will be a virtual rendition of yourself to use in case you are not yet showered during video phone conversations.

8. Cyber You will be fully customizable. You can change any aspect of your appearance, including hair color, eye color, body shape, make up and clothing. Want to try Goth for a day? Or how about a flash back to '80's? No problem, Cyber you has on file every type of fashion that every existed.

9. Video phone conference calls during blogging will be a cinch.

10. Glitches, prolonged publishing, and blog entries being lost in cyber space will not be tolerated. Tech support will not exist since problems on the web will be nonexistent. Software companies will suffer life imprisonment and/or torture for faulty product, therefore making faulty product impossible to find. :D

11. Video phone will also include a 360 degree Experience option, meaning you can experience the environment of your fellow blogger, just as they see it.

12. This will require the invention of Cyber Surround, which will also be fully customizable. Options will include Cyber Surround Clean Up, it will automatically erase any mess and noises. You can also change the color of your walls and furniture to suit your mood.

13. All of this will be available to everyone, it will be a constitutional right.

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