Monday, February 26, 2007

Who says vacations are supposed to be restful?

As some of you know, I decided to take a blogging vacation. I had made a very depressing post last Monday that started out like this:

If you have been blogging for awhile, you know this feeling... "I have nothing to say."

That's how I feel right now. A mood , a feeling, or lack there of.

I'm feeling a little like Kentucky Fried Chicken:
I'm fried, crispy, a little greasy ( I need a shower), and even though I usually have good taste- I'm bound to give you heartburn occasionally...
Rather than put (silly and) undue pressure on myself to be the sparkling icon of genuine dorkdom, I am taking a week off. That's all. An itsy bitsy week.

...And got a lot more depressing from there, so I deleted it. I should have edited it, but I was too depressed to do it, LOL!

Anywho, I took a week off and what a week it has been! Here are some of the things I wanted to blog about, but didn't. Because I was on a blogging vacation.wink Some of the days might be off a little, i forgot to write down the date when scribbling my notes for the week.

Monday: I saw the Anna Nicole Smith video and was horrified! I was angry because this clearly shows that her lawyer/lover was in it all for the money ( you can hear him say "this is worth a lot of money" while video taping her in full John Wayne Gacy makeup, all while she is gorked out of her mind), he is an enabler, and is a convincing actor when showing concern for "his child". He's a pig. moving on...

I managed to ignore my blues while killing a few dust bunnies, and nearing the end of my laundry pile. Ahhh, the never ending laundry pile... you elude me and my strongest efforts with your funky, stained ways.

Later that night I made a no sew, polar fleece knot blanket (this is an example, not mine). It's purty! It took forever though since my family and I are always playing tug of war on the couch with our other blankets... I got 3 yards of material! I'm thinking that wont be a problem anymore, now there's plenty of warm snugly goodness for everyone.<span class=

Tuesday: Anna stayed home sick from school because she had a cough and coughed so hard her Coco Puffs came flying out. During Em's nap time I made the second polar fleece blanket after Anna insisted on helping me lay out 9feet of material x2. *note to self- be in better shape the next time you decide to stoop and bend over for a half an hour cutting one inch strips around the perimeter of a 9x4 1/2 foot piece of material.*

I finished a large block quilt for Emma made out of her receiving blankets, just as I did for Anna. I didn't really quilt it, I just sewed them together. The blankets are pink, pale green, and a small rose bud print. Since we found out we were pregnant with Em, a week after John's dad died here at home with us (from lung cancer, mets to the brain) and she never got to meet her grandpa, I used a dusty rose bed sheet that had been Dad's mom's (John's grandma's) sheet. Dad took care of his mom for 15 years while she suffered from Alzheimer's, and after she passed dad was awarded all of her possessions. I think it will be nice for Emma to know that she owns a little piece of family history in her baby blanket quilt.

Cute pair of
unused embroidered jeans (because the waist is too big) size 7 girls- Cost: 15.00

Sewing and resewing a simple piece of elastic3 times because of mistakes like sewing the belt loops closed- Cost: Your dignity.

Clutching those jeans tightly while holding them up to your face and cursing at them out of frustration: Priceless.

Wednesday: I heard about the Australian man who was half swallowed by a shark and lived! *gasp!* I saw him on Letterman... I am terrified of sharks so this was a train wreck i couldn't help watching.

I was pleasantly surprised when Craig Ferguson refused to do Britney Spears jokes... then after finding out she had left rehab twice, was disappointed he didn't.

Thursday: Bummed when finding out that Thursday Thirteen was retiring and I didn't play the last one.

Heard about The Dog (and his family) being arrested after extraditing a serial rapist from Mexican soil in 2003, which the *corrupt* Mexican Government considers kidnapping. IMHO, technically, what he did was wrong, only because they broke the Mexican law. In my eyes, I would have done the same thing. You should be able to hide on foreign soil, especially if you are a low life scum bag serial rapist.

Friday: My mini-me told me , "Momma, I think you have a little junk in the trunk." Followed by stunned and hysterical laughter from me and John.

I still wonder why I taught this kid to talk.
<span class= wink

Saturday: Heard that we were going to have a winter storm with every form of precipitation imaginable, and still decided to head out for a 45 minute drive to exchange a present for Anna's birthday because it was defective.

Ripped the hubby a new one for getting us all safely inside after returning home and telling me he was going to park the car... only to be MIA for 40 minutes, without his cell phone- to pick up his prescriptions... While his worried wife trudged through stinging snow and small hail to see if he had gotten into an accident going around the block. After he tried to blow it off by saying, "Well... I realized as I was going around the block that i needed to get my meds, and that I forgot my phone... but I went ahead..." Followed by me screaming at him that is was a big deal, I left HIS 2 children inside alone , locked up in the living room while I looked for his dumb *nether regions* in 5 minute spurts because I had to come back and check on them.

That was fun.

Baked Anna's cake for her party the next day, and did my first cake decorating with a pastry bag. It wasn't perfect, but my girl really appreciated my effort and told me she loved it.
<span class=Worried that her party would be canceled or that only one ore two kids would show up because of bad weather.

Saturday night I joined a blog/support group for people who have had toxic relationships. My soul let out a sigh of relief... just to know that I have a place to go where others understand and aren't horrified by my past, allowing me to be open without restraint... A place where I can lend support to others like me, it's very comforting.

I also found out that Thursday Thirteen has changed hands and will live on under new management.

Sunday: Had Anna's party , 7 other kids showed up. Instead of feeling disappointed Anna didn't notice and had a wonderful time with her classmates. her best friend came, which made us all very happy, and Anna was very grateful and thankful for each and every present she received. She was especially happy about the present her best friend gave her, which was hand made polar fleece set of gloves, a hat, purse and a scarf. She hugged her best buddy and gushed over her gift... I almost cried. it was so sweet.

Instead of being overwhelmed with 24 kids and only just the seven, we all had a good time, including Emma who had lots of time with her Nana who came to help us out. at the end of the party, each child got to take home 3 goody bags because the other kids didn't show. Some of the kids had such a good time they didn't want to leave.

Today: I am thankful for all of my blogging buddies that were kind and caring enough to leave me a comment while I was on vacation, and email me too! Thanks guys!

Today, I realize all the work I had done last week is undone because I didn't clean a thing over the weekend. It's funny how 2 days can undo a week of work. The Laundry Monster has struck again! I think he is in cahoots with the Dirty Dish Fiend.


maggie said...

Wow. Aren't we just suzie homemaker. Sewing, baking and attempting a snowy rescue. LOL. Good JOB!

Missed ya! Glad you are back!

Twisted Cinderella said...

You had a busy week! In case you didn't know, Thursday Thirteen is being continued under new management! I was really happy to see it back!

Virginia said...

Your busy lifestyle impresses me...I think you get more done before 9am than I do all day!! :)

Anyway, welcome back! :) Happy Monday!

Jill said...

Welcome back... missed you last week. I took up the Dork slack for you, though, no worries about that ;-)

Pippajo said...

Well, I was wondering where you were! Glad you're back. I read your comments about the birthday party with particular interest as My Boy's party is this coming Saturday and I have worries about how it's going to go. Glad yours was a success!

Welcome back!

crse said...

I missed you Mert! I was getting worried. Im at once impressed with you and saddened by myself when i see exactly how much you do in a day. Husbands are such butts with the "so i went ahead and did it anyway". But honestly...i miss my butt!!!

Pamela said...

I've never done thursday 13.

The party was perfect. You didn't have to hyperventilate.

I've been watching for you to light up on blogline...!!!!'

I've had to cut back myself because I'm not getting other things done.

A blogger support group ?? At first I was kind of suprised and then I thought... well, bloggers pretty much are everybody so why not.

Holly said...

Ahhh what a comeback. You could have added "..or as some of you forgot..." in your first paragraph - tee hee. At any rate, glad you're back and got a kick out of your week. I'm just darn happy it's Monday and 24 is on tonight. Wait, it IS Monday right? *snicker*

Holly's Corner

tiggerprr said...

busy busy you were! btw...what I do when I'm making those knot quilts is to lay the material over the bed, and then kneel and kinda of knee walk around the bed cutting. Saves my back a ton. I still have to stop periodically, but it beats the crap out of stooping or bending over trying to do it on the floor. ;)

alisonwonderland said...

glad you're back from your "vacation"! so nice to read all the "catch up" stuff!

p.s. the Laundry Monster and Dirty Dish Fiend hang out at my house too! :o)

wolfbaby said...

I love the blanket idea!!! wow sounds like you had a really busy week:)

wolfbaby said...

I love the blanket idea!!! wow sounds like you had a really busy week:)

Karmyn said...

That week went by fast!!! I think I may need to take one myself very soon.

Glad you are back.

Katkat said...

Restful that is not. I always need at least 3 days to recover from any

Robin said...

Wowza...BUSYBUSYBUSY! And oh, so productive! You filled me in on some stuff IRL I hadn't even heard about, lol.