Monday, February 05, 2007


***Edit: In my excitement about being able to reproduce the happy accident of the frames/windows below, I forgot to link the code back to the original SBS guidelines post. If you copied the pink button codes, please re-copy them (the purple ones were right all along). Sorry, and thanks!***

So this was me this weekend starting Friday night, when I transitioned from "almost done with a chest cold" to "Shhhh...... nia Twain, I have a head/sinus cold". I think it's as close of a depiction as I could make. Which indicates:
1. I literally felt like my eye was going to pop out of my skull, and that my head might possibly explode. Or implode. Or both.


2. I have way too much time on my hands (enough time to make this little gem), and should get a job as soon as possible.
An illustrated blog post, aren't you the lucky one. :D Anyway, between coughing fits, after which I thought I was going to die (because the coughing increased my inter cranial pressure 10 fold), then chasing my bouncing eyeball around the room and popping it back in- and hacking away at 3 blog templates...

I made these two buttons for Sound Byte Saturday, in between doses of Tylenol Cold and Sinus medication this weekend. ;O) Just copy the code from either window and paste it in your template where ever you want, like the sidebar area.

I am a big enough geek (evidently) now that I can look at source code and figure something out. I Googled how to make these little windows and either was totally confused, or messed up so bad that Blogger didn't want anything to do with me. Now you know that's bad. Eventually I found a site with some of these do-hickies and I was able to find the code that was tangled up in a heap of html.

Hooray for me!?!

If you are a SBS participant and would like a sidebar button in a different color, let me know. Thanks guys for playing this weekend, and I'm glad that you liked mine. I know I liked it, I couldn't stop wheezing/giggling. I had a lot of fun listening/watching yours too! :O)


local girl said...

Could I have a pink one? You must have known I'd ask! You are really becoming a tech wiz! And I meant that as a compliment!

Mert said...

Of course, silly me! I don't know why I didn't just make one. :D I sure will make a pink one for you... which one: shiny or plain, or both? :O)

maggie said...

I'm really impressed. Very very nice. I'm sticking it on now :)

my 2 cents said...

I need to start being more optimistic in my posts too

I would love to use the alligator template if you'd like to send it to me. Are you sure you're not going to want to use it yourself one of these day? My email is


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh - sure hope you are feeling better soon!!! sounds awful!

GREAT work on the buttons. :)

tiggerprr said...

Great buttons!! :) Gosh, it sounds like we have the same stuff! It's so bad when you find good bloggy friends and you all get sick at nearly the same time, you'd think we were hanging out IRL! LOL

Karianne said...

I'm totally stealing the sinus illustration. I have chronic sinus infections that just kill. I know just how that feels

Get well soon

alisonwonderland said...

hooray for you! i've put the button on my sidebar, and it's going to be very helpful as i keep doing SBS!