Saturday, February 10, 2007

What my husband got for his 40th birthday.

Well, it wasn't a shirt that said:

"My wife took me out for dinner to Texas Roadhouse for an expensive steak dinner, her margarita cost 9 bucks... all which I had to pay for- and I got was this lousy food poisoning."

Though it could have been.

Yup folks... the restaurant I chose for us to eat at. It's not traumatizing enough to turn 40, but then to have fireworks shoot out of both ends? My hubs hasn't thrown up in over 10 years, a fact that he is really proud of.

Dang, now he has to start over!

Well, at least he got an ab workout out of it.

I am sure that the fact that I was laughing with my younger brother Ben about the MISU's unfortunate and untimely illness, and the fact that Ben might get John airline barf bags and adult diapers for a birthday present... It might come back to haunt me.

He actually just told his brother something to that affect right now on the phone. He also told his bro about the "fireworks", and said , "I can multi task like a mutha!" :O)

I am sure that it's a birthday he will never forget, only slightly better than last year.


Zeus said...

Wow. Remind me to not tell you when my birthday is. I can do without a case of backend fireworks! ;)

tiggerprr said...

LOL The gift that keeps on giving...and giving...and giving. Ouch!

Yoshi said...

Wow, that's gotta hurt, I sympathize! I've had that happen to me before.

mental note: don't ever tell mert your birthday.

Susan in va said...

OH NO!!! How awful! Heartbreaking.

So, were the margaritas any good?

Jenny said...

Poor guy! At least he'll always remember it.

(Unfortunately for you.)

ChrisB said...

Memorable for all the wrong reasons, hope he recovers quickly.

Steffi said...

I had for my husband´s 40th birthday a "wellness-Day" as his gift from me & kids and after than we was eating in a restaurant.My 40th.will be in March and I´m not so happy about this age....


Sorry please about my bad english!

Pamela said...

you know it could be that virus going around ... hope you washed your hands.. alot

Mert said...

You guys are cracking me up! :O) He is feeling better, and we took a drive to get my kitten from the vet... she got the snip snip. Now I have 2 sick ones t take care of.

At least one I can keep contained in a carrier. :D

My strawberry banana margarita was delicious! It had Petrone (spelling?) tequila which is supposed to be the good stuff... I am so out of the drinking loop I wouldn't know anymore. Anyway, I was telling John that maybe that is why I didn't get as sick as he did (just an upset stomach last night), because the 9$ shot of tequila killed all the bad stuff in my system.

Steffi, don't worry about it, I understand you just fine :D

Robin said...

At first, I was like, "How did I miss THIS?" and then I realized it was Saturday, and I don't read/write much of anything on the weekend :/

Yep, he'll remember his 40th for the vomitous of reasons :).

Thank you for not posting pictures. That would've sent me to therapy (or more likely, to the toilet to gag myself :/).

Still looking for "that" post....