Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Remembering my fur-angels

Sophie- Numa's daughter from her first litter

Ivan- Numa's son from a second litter, Sophie's brother

Seven- Wolfie's brother

Yuri- Ursa's brother



Mama Duck said...

Awwww, that's so sad and sweet too! Beautiful!

Frances said...

You got a regular kitty city there.
The one with the mustache is knocking my socks off - LOL.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Wednesday

kailani said...

Yuri kind of looks like my Malia. What adorable kitties!

maggie said...

Beautiful cute kitties. Paul loves kitties too.

Happy WW

Waspgoddess said...

Such gorgeous kitties... I love cats and yours look positively yummy :)

Karmyn said...

Ursa boo looks like one big fat happy cat in that sink!!!

whenn said...

Ursa-boo is the coolest!

Holly said...

Now that's a lot of cats! ;o) Your last one looks like my brudder's kitty.


tiggerprr said...

it's so sad that they can't stay with us furever. I'm glad you have pictures to remember them! :) I have kitty pic too! But it's for LOOOOOVE!

Donna said...

That one in the sink was a fat cat! I, too, posted a WW picture with an angel-pet, my dog Mandy. I'll never stop missing her.

amy said...

what sweet pics!

Anonymous said...

Such cute cats! :o) I have a Tuxedo cat, too ..... Lewey! :o)

mark said...

Nice lookin' kitties. You'd get along well with a couple of my friends who have a long haired black cat, a short haired black cat, and another short haired black cat with some white spots (sister of the other short hair).