Sunday, February 04, 2007

OK, one more time

I have been hacking away all day (for a day and a half now) at 3 templates. PHEW!

Sadly choice #3 was taken out of the running because it had frames, meaning it had scroll bars INSIDE the template... which I really hate. Though other people still use them, they are outdated... and IMHO a pain in the butt.

So that made things a bit more difficult, and ended up choosing my favorite out of a 4 way tie. I am trying out this template to show you guys what it looks like in action.

The other template, the very cute alligator can be found at my template laboratory. You can view the template here.
I still have to gussy up the side bar of course. :O)

You will see that there is a gap between the gator and the actual blog post/sidebar... I tried everything I could think of to fix it.

So one more vote please, thanks!


Karmyn said...

Compared to the last one - this template is very WHITE. But - it loads up a lot faster on my computer than the last one.

Mert said...

Thanks Karmyn. It's almost tho opposite of the other one... it's bright as all heck! I need a change though, the other one was starting to look a little gloomy to me. I am glad it looks better. Did you check out the gator on my other blog?

Ordinary Janet said...

I like this one-the one with the girl in the swing, though that picture kind of goes over any text next to it.