Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Babes!

Happy Birthday Honey... I hope the next 40
years are just as beautiful as the last.
I can't imagine life without you... but you knew
that already because I tell you
every chance I get. I'm glad you're here,
I'm glad you're my husband.
You are one of the most honest, loving,
decent, and caring people I know.
And your funny, a wonderful father
and husband... and still a hunk.

You're the whole shebang!
So... I am glad you were born on this day,
and so happy that you are who you are.

Love, Me


Maggie said...

Is that an ac/dc outfit he's wearing?

Happy Birthday to Mert's Husband.

tiggerprr said...

LOL at Maggie's comment!

Happy Birthday MISU! Remember the 40s are the new 30s! So you get to do it over again!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday MISU!

ChrisB said...

Happy birthday to mert's husband very cute picture; have a great day

local girl said...

What a cute little boy! How's that outfit, though? LOL! Sorry!

Karianne said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Mary Mert MISU!!

On a totally unrelated thread, my question about Numa is
Did you name her after that Alfred Hitchcock/Twilight Zone episode? It was so scary! I only ask because I named one of my dolls Numa because of that show.

Mert said...

Thanks everyone, I told him you guys wished him a happy Birthday!

Maggie, he got a kick out of your comment.

LG, the outfit is a bit snug and his legs are a little more hairy, but it's still cue. :O)