Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My blog is a year old!

Happy Birthday Sweet Bloggie!

Bloggie, in the last year you have always been there for me when I needed to vent, and even though you remain quiet... I know you are listening. Because of you, I have met a lot of nice people. Well... some weird ones too, but that's what I like about you. You are well read, well traveled... Who would have thought that you would travel to far off places like Hawaii and Oz?

Even though you can be difficult at times with photographs and have thrown away posts I have worked really hard on, I still really like you. You never seem to mind too much when I suggest a make over, and you wait patiently as I ponder your inner workings. AND you never complain about the endless amount of bling. :D

Sometimes you can be bold and off color, and sometimes a little too BIG for your own britches. But that's OK, we all make mistakes. I can't begin to count how many times I have made you republish because I made a teeny weeny spelling mistake- sometimes 20 times in one post...Yet you never complain. And even though I have contemplated pimping you, you have never stopped being there for me.

Bloggie, I hope that we will always be this close. You really do complete me, as cheesy as that may sound. Don't ever change.

Except when I make you...

We'll talk about that later.


DK said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday to you
Happy Bloggy Birthday to you
Happy Bloggy Birthday Dear Mary,
Happy Bloggy Birthday to YOU!
(it's better with sound... really)


maggie said...

Happy Birthday Bloggie!

I would sent you some html as a one year old birthday gift but your mama said no gifts just cake.

mark said...

Congratulations Mary!

Jenny Ryan said...

Happy happy birthday!! :)

practical chick said...

Happy bloggie birthday!!

tiggerprr said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday to you! :) It goes by so fast doesn't it? I'm so happy to have found you! :)

ChrisB said...

Congrats on your bloggy B'day. Enjoy the next year.
Some of us have got a long way to go before we can celebrate a year of blogging!

Bethany said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

local girl said...

Happy 1st Birthday! My, look how much you've grown!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Mert's Bloggie....Happy Birthday to you! What a fantastic milestone. I'm so happy to be here to celebrate it with you. A year ago at this time my hubby was still trying to talk me into blogging! LOL

Holly's Corner

Pamela said...

I wonder if I'll survive a year...
today I feel empty of anything

Is that why you decided to change your template? as a birthday blog present?

Mert said...

Thanks DK, I am glad you are in myBloggy World too! :O)

Thanks Maggie! Yup, we love cake. ;O)

Thanks Mark, Jenny, and Practical I am glad to have met you!:D

Ammy, I am glad to have met you too, my blogging buddy! I guess we have Local Girl to thank for that! :O)

Thanks ChrisB! Don't worry , a year will be here before you know it.

Thanks Bethany! :D

Thanks LG... my blog wouldn't have made it without ya!

Holly, I am so glad your hubby DID talk you into blogging, finally. I am so happy to have become your friend. :O)

Pajamela, don't worry... we all get those blogging blahs sometimes. Sometimes changing your template helps spice things up, and gives you a little boost. I have been in a poopy mood lately (as evidenced by my silly rant the other day), and brightening up my blog helped. I emailed ya! :O)

Karmyn said...

That went by fast didn't it? I'm 1 month away from that same birthday. I thought I'd be a "newbie" blogger forever. and here we are - no longer babies, but 1 year olds!

Mitch said...

Hey Mert

HAPPY 1ST YEAR OF BLOGGING. Can't wait to get there myself.

Your Brother in the Word


Rose said...

Happy Blog Birthday.

Willowtree said...

Happy Blog Birthday.

This template is much better for me. It still takes a while to load (that's my problem not yours), but the order is better, the post comes up early in the load so I can start reading.

KarenW said...

Happy birthday to you blog!

Mert said...

Karmyn, it did go by fast! I can't wait to celebrate your blog's birthday too!

Thanks Mitch, Karen and Rose! :O)

Thanks WT, glad my new blog style is workin' for ya. :D