Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love is... Part Two (the grungy version)

I don't know if you read the post I wrote a year ago titled Love Is...
I think I almost got it right. I still feel all of those things that I wrote in that post, I really do.

This week's Blogging Chicks theme is a bout Love so I thought I would think about some of the things I have written about recently...

So without further ado, Love is... Part Two.

Love is...

Letting your wife of 17 years air all the dark and dirty secrets about your life and marriage, on the net.

Encouraging your wife to blog none the less, and reading her blog any chance you get.

Love is doing the only thing you can do while a loved one is so sick, that you think a vital organ might come flying out... Standing there rubbing their back and cleaning up after them.

Not coming downstairs to kick your wife's butt, because you can hear her talking to her brother about you "multi tasking" in the bathroom, then bursting into laughter.

Love is celebrating your birthday only because your family is excited about it, even though you are not.

Seeing that the other person is about to lose it, and taking over the "bad guy role" during disciplining of the ankle biters.

Saving the other person the last piece of anything- even though you want it so bad your mouth is watering and you can't think of anything else.

Emailing a 'special" email just to say you love them, even though you are swamped at work.

Humoring each other's obsessions. (Fantasy baseball, Online far Cry with friends, The Sims 2, Photoshop, and spending 12 hours on a blog template)

Love is sticking it out for over 18 years, and turning a blind eye (most of the time) to each other's imperfections.

Love is loving someone so much that you start to miss them the second your plane takes off for a weekend get away.

And last but not least-

Love is being able to give each other an honest opinion, even though it might sting a little... because there is no love without truth.


tiggerprr said...

What an awesome post, Mary. I kind of got misty. Cut that crap out! ;)

ChrisB said...

This is a wonderful post

Holly said...

Hey girl, this is a wickedly awesome post and I'd say you've definitely got your finger on the pulse of true love. ;o)

Holly's Corner

Pamela said...

All of these are great
but i thought this was an absolute brillliant one:
Seeing that the other person is about to lose it, and taking over the "bad guy role" during disciplining of the ankle biters.

Pippajo said...

I, too, really, really loved this post. I think you've got it summed up really well.

Oh, and I've added you to my list of favorite blogs. Hope that's alright!

See you around!

Anonymous said...

That was really great!
Thank you for sharing all of hit it right on the head!

I'm Just Sayin... said...

What a great post! You couldn't have put it any better :-)

Jenny said...

I love, love, love this post.

Mert said...

Thanks Guys! I am glad everyone liked it.*blush*

Pippajo, I love it that you added me thanks!

Virginia said...

Aww! Very nice! As a not-yet-married person, it gives me something to look forward if only I could get my boyfriend to read your Love Is blog! :)

local girl said...

Sounds like you two are a match made in Heaven.